WOW! What a weekend I spent at TSA! Talk about alot to take in in a very short period. I just wish I had a few extra days. First of all for the very comfortable setting that he and Barb have, to the very upfront kind of person that he and Barb are! DR & Barb will definately tell you what you doing wrong and to me that is alot better than just going to a range and slinging lead. TSA is a beautiful place that I will definately be headed back to! Watching the DVD's and reading the book is a definate must before heading here, it provides a basis but I must emphisize it is just a basis of the art. Having DR and Barb next to you in person, showing you... nudging you...aiding you in trigger control and body alignment is what you definately need to get the full scope of what he is trying to teach you. Let me tell you..... from just watching the videos everyone can think... well I can do that.... but believe me its alot harder and alot more disipline than you might think.
The first day was split between class (1st half) and the range (2nd half). WE sent about 300 rounds down range learning the basis for everything; Guard, Partial, Full extension. Drills at 6 feet are easy (TSA targets are BIG compared too....) try a metal plate 8 inch's in diameter at 10 yards!.... christ I couldnt hit a thing at the plate rack on Saturday.
Sunday, (550 rounds) we spent only a few hours in the classroom with DR critiquing Saturday. IT was a eye opener and DR is blunt and to the point. BUt thats what I like. After lunch it was to the range again. The class (5 peeps) was split between DR and Barb with them alternating between us. FIrst plate rack of the day.... 6 rounds in my Micro Compact.... WOOO WOOO 6 plates down! Technique.... techique... techique.... trigger control.... my god I don't know HOW MANY TIMEs DR came up next to me and help me with presentation... and trigger control... but it helped me IMMENSLY!
I read in a post just a few minutes ago someone was asking about trigger control and that was a MAJOR item for me... but I found out that it's all about proper indexing and trigger control. Index, present the pistol and trigger control as your presenting it. I think that our class got a bit extra instruction on that :)
Thumbs up and a BIG thank you to DR and BARB! YOu will be seeing me again!

Alex G
Class of 9/10Jun