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Okay, Now What?

This is a discussion on Okay, Now What? within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Cpt_Quail I know, I know. I should be working right now but I'm not only on the forum, I'm checking out the ...

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Thread: Okay, Now What?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cpt_Quail View Post
    I know, I know. I should be working right now but I'm not only on the forum, I'm checking out the website as well! I think I'm going to do just that because I really like what I see. I think that would be really great to get into, and especially at least check out.
    I joined the IDPA shortly after they began. I only stopped going to the matches because life got in the way (got married, started having more kids, got divorced and became a single father, etc.). However, I'm at a point where things are smoothing out again, so I'm about to start back up with them. What I really like about it was that the scenarios made you think under pressure (if you had a really good match admin, they were really awesome), it tested and validated your equipment choices (weapon, holster and I always ran at least one match with my carry ammo that I'd shoot up when I was about to replace with fresh stock) and you could get ideas on improving your technique from some really good shooters.

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    Gun games not suitable training in my estimation. The tactics, strategics, mindset and overall context is seemingly all wrong. Its more of a choreographed dance which employs shooting as a central element. It does foster good gun handling and general marksmanship at the risk of potential scars as a result of habit action, at least in my opinion anyway.
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    Kudo's, Cpt_Quail, for your thoughtfulness in recognizing the seriousness and need for knowledge/training in beginning to carry. It really is nice to see someone looking to do things correctly. I, and I am certain, many others on this forum, appreciate your wisdom.
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    Quote Originally Posted by raneyday View Post
    I suggest that a new shooter (or at least a new carrier) mixed with a striker fired weapon and an AIWB holster is simply a recipe for disaster. I'm not discouraging you from carrying by any means, but I would suggest you look at a strong side IWB holster as you learn to carry. In that configuration, the gun is naturally pointed away from your body when drawing and holstering. Well, mostly. In AIWB, which I am seriously considering myself, the gun is naturally pointed at you during these critical times, and quite often just while sitting.

    Develop some real comfort with your weapon before you add something as complex as AIWB.

    Just my $.02, and worth what you paid for it.
    Thank you for the honest input!

    It took me so long to get back to you because of the storm here in FL and the plethora of other things that came along with it.

    One of the reasons I chose an AIWB holster was because it was very straightforward, unlike something I would set up anywhere near my 4 o'clock. I've looked at things like the super-tuck, but I'm just not sure what will work best for me.
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    I started learning with competition shooting. Not sanctioned IDPA meets, but a local group that functioned very much the same way. Then, when Gramps and I went to serious self defense shooting classes, I had the basics and a lot of the muscle memory. Learning the difference between the games and real life defense was not difficult, and I incorporated what I learned into the games - like being super aware of not having any part of your body sticking out beyond a barrier except the gun hands and eyes with which to aim (concealment or cover, either kind), not shooting your gun to slide lock, and many other details.

    Tons of articles written about the differences.

    I do not think they are mutually exclusive, but feel strongly that it is important to get the self defense training - whether first thing or later on, but not too much later.
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