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How many shots do you train to fire?

This is a discussion on How many shots do you train to fire? within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; One perp? All of them. Multiple perps? As many hits as I can get as fast as I can till empty....

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Thread: How many shots do you train to fire?

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    One perp? All of them. Multiple perps? As many hits as I can get as fast as I can till empty.
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    I feel it is important to train using different "numbers of shots" for each draw, in each training session. If you train doing one shot, pausing to aim again, etc. that is how you will shoot. If you train doing double taps and stopping that is also how you shoot. if you train doing various numbers of shots - hopefully with movement so you are not a nice static target - you will have a better chance of shooting multiple shots IF NEEDED to stop the threat.

    My opinion, and how I train if not in a class where exercises are prescribed.

    Why would I think you shoot the way you train? Try being in a force-on-force class where a huge bad guy is running at you with a huge knife and see how you shoot. NOT real life, but more often than not, you will shoot the way you have trained in a scenario like that. Gramps sure DID: Two to the body and one to the head, just like that! And that was in spite of the fact that we were specifically told that for this exercise there were to be NO HEAD SHOTS. (Too many years of shooting that pattern in weekly competitions!)

    I was criticized for waiting until the guy got too close (I'm guessing it was about 5 yards), but both of my body shots were right to the heart and he wound up on the ground right quick- not dead, but not a threat anymore. Yes, I could have activated my gun sooner, but I was balancing distance and accuracy..........and since it was a training exercise, the bad guy was not running full out super fast.

    How would either of us do in a real life situation? I hope and pray we never have to find out!
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    I vary it in practice from 1 to as many as 4-5, just like it might be in the real world.

    Our firearms instructor once told us, sometimes, some people need shooting. Obviously, it depends on the situation.
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    Minimum of two per target.
    Then 3-6.
    Rapid fire of more than 3 shots shows if trigger/muzzle control has been mastered.

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    How many shots do you train to fire?
    My tactics depend on the situation and the handgun.

    It could be burst fire, it could be a double tap, it could be an aimed precision shot.

    Be prepared for any situation and adjust as needed.
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    I will likely surprise myself if I ever need to shoot in self-defense.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LimaCharlie View Post
    I will likely surprise myself if I ever need to shoot in self-defense.
    Hey, LimaCharlie -- since you won't ever need any of them sweet pistols you got, how 'bout sending a few to me?
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    The standard answer concerning number of shots onesself fired in a defensive situation used to be until the threat is neutralized. If you practice avoidance of stupid people, places and things you may never have to fire a shot in self defence.

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    I don't train any set number.

    "Bob" (no offense Bad Bob) is a great tool for working a "non-standard" response:

    Basically a knockdown TGT that can be easily calibrated hidden behind a silhouette. It can be calibrated to take rapid shots to drive it down, or it remains standing. It comes with a 6" plate. On mine I've added a couple pieces of steel; one for an ocular cavity shot behind a printed face to drive a fail to stop drill, and another with 2 plates, COM and Ocular. It really is a great target for working FTS and also rapid "controlled" fire. Also pretty good and working accuracy without a defined aim point, as long as you change the shirt frequently.

    Another very good drill for working this is a take-off of a Pincus drill:

    The shooter starts with his back to the target while an "assistant" puts numbers above that state how many rds/hits are needed to include "0" for no shoots. The field is laid out laterally with 3 "zones". At the command "gun", the shooters turns and engages targets with designated rounds (cognitive exercise), spending time in each zone (lateral movement) and working in a reload. I use steel just cause I have it and it's faster than pasting.
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    The number of shots needed will depend on the situation and the gun you are carrying.

    For me I carry most time a XDsc 9 so I shoot bursts of at least 2 to 5 most likely chest area. Adjust and move to head if he's still standing. If I am carrying only my LCR pocket gun then hopefully I can limit the number of shots per burst. But I don't like carrying only the pocket gun. I do like having it with the XD, if so and I start with the LCR I shoot until empty then drop it and move to the XD. This would be for a situation of 1 BG.

    More than one to two per BG then they all get whats needed to stop their threat. The more BG's there are the less rounds they get at the start, everyone of them needs a good hit as fast as possible.

    The gun you are carrying makes a big difference on the number of round you fire at once. For me the last thing I want is to run out of ammo while the fight is still going on. A empty gun or malfuction will put you behind in the fight and once behind after the fight has started FOF shows me you have a long road ahead of you.
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    I train to not shoot any rounds, but I'm prepared to use them all.
    111 rounds on hand most days (61 in mags and a 50-round box)

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    I don't spend much time on posture or aiming, I tend to point & shoot fairly rapidly, with most of the emphasis being on maintaining accuracy on each following shot.
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    2 to start. Then shoot until threat is down.
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    I usually shoot 5 rounds moving to the right, the to the left, the change to weak hand. ; )
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    I don't have a set number of rounds. I practice at 10 yards shooting as fast as possible, but not so fast, I can't remain on target. I don't own timer, so I figure between 2-3 rounds a second at most. If I ever had to use my weapon, the threat will most likely be closer, therefore I should have no problem making good hits. I practice with reloads due to financial constraints, namely cast 175 gr and 165 gr X-Treme plated, but I also practice with SD rounds occasionally, Winchester Ranger T series and Federal HST, both 180 gr. I found a couple of buys at decent prices, 1,500 rounds each. Both the T series and HST's have proven track records.

    I practice one handed shots, both right and left handed. A typical range session is usually 400 rounds. I twice shot 800 rounds in one day with my 40 S&W's. The biggest problems I had was sore thumbs reloading the mags, and that was with using a Upula speed loader. I also had to take occasional breaks to let my HK P30L and Sig P226 cool down.
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