How many shots do you train to fire?

How many shots do you train to fire?

This is a discussion on How many shots do you train to fire? within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; How many shots do you train to fire in the event you need your firearm? One shot? Double tap? Three? Five? I know "shoot until ...

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Thread: How many shots do you train to fire?

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    How many shots do you train to fire?

    How many shots do you train to fire in the event you need your firearm? One shot? Double tap? Three? Five? I know "shoot until the threat is ended" but do you fire one shot then wait? Do you automatically do a double tap? What is your "plan"? And don't just say "it depends" that's not really helpful. If "it depends" give an example like one shot each if multiple assailants, double tap if single person etc.

    I'm asking because I don't currently do much multi shot practicing. I'll occasionally do double taps but it's mostly single shots with a 1-2 second pause between to re aquire the target.
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    Two shots then if needed a mag dump.
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    I do everything from a complete mag dump from 2 feet away to varying number of shots while moving to one shot and only one shot and everything in between. Sometimes I will load a spent shell randomly in the magazine to purposefully induce a malf.

    So my answer is.... yep... it depends because every situation is different and the number of shots in any sequence needed is dependent on the unique situation faced.
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    The situation can dictate what is needed. Does he have a knife, a pistol or rifle? Bat, pipe etc. it really is a on the fly type of decision. It could take one round to stop the threat. Could take more. What is beyond the person you are shooting, the backstop, people around. A lot is in play at this time. I try to train for several different situations that I can imagine.

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    Two...being revolver trained, I figure one of the two will be effective...leaving me three or four for follow-up if necessary. I also believe in reloading immediately after the coast appears rule saying you have to get down to your last shot...whether that's reload the first response weapon or get the backup.

    Practicing with two then look-see, you get the practice of getting back on target'll end up finding that your second shot scores better than your first, after awhile.
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    Anywhere from 3-5 rounds in a second. If they deserve one, they are not getting just one.

    Multiples, boarding house rules, then second servings if necessary

    Something like this will suffice

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    At distances past twenty yards, I'm sending them downrange one at a time. Closer than that, it varies. There is no magic number. Doubles, triples, quadruples, they are in there.

    I don't feel the need to do shoot-for-the-sake-of-shooting mag dumps anymore. They don't make me a better shooter, and don't make me giggle like a little girl.
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    One or two, if that don't do it keep shooting till he is down.
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    One or two, rinse and repeat as necessary.
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    I don't, I shoot to stop and I shoot fast. When they stop they stop getting served.

    I do train to change my point of aim if nothing is occurring, for instance three or so to high thoracic cavity, no change I move to face or pelvic girdle.
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    Til' the threat is stopped.............
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    Quote Originally Posted by Novarider View Post
    How many shots do you train to fire in the event you need your firearm?

    I'm still new at this (just over two years since I purchased my first pistol), so I'm still working on fundamentals. These days almost all of my practice involves drawing from my carry holster, usually drawing from concealment. I mostly draw and shoot twice, DA/SA (or DAO/DAO), before reholstering and repeating. My focus now is getting quicker on target with the first shot, so I often will shoot only once. When shooting 9mm, I will often shoot three times. Two or three times a month. Static, paper targets. Indoor range. 21-35 feet distances. 50 rnds per range session.

    As soon as I feel I am consistent enough with the first and second shoots, I will incorporate movement, though still shoot only once or twice, probably. My CCW instructor thinks I am ready now for movement, but I think I'll keep practicing a few more months before taking this next step.

    Note: I wouldn't call what I do "double-tapping" or "triple-tapping." I am shooting quickly, but not that quickly.

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    I would shoot 3. That goes back to pistol trained in the Corps. He suggested three shots with this method.

    First shot aimed for the low end of the sternum. The heart is there. Then fire again without adjusting for muzzle rise. Likely to put the round about center to above center on the sternum. Lungs there and major blood vessels. Then without adjusting for muzzle rise fire the third round. That is a hit in the neck or face. Of course that was with a 1911. One would have to adjust for lower recoil pistols.

    It goes like this: draw, rough aim, fire, fire, fire all in rapid succession.

    Edit added: another factor is distance to target. As the distance to target increases the trajectory do to muzzle rise will increase to a point where the ****s could be going over the target. The described technique works well in close range combat. Get out past 25 ft with a powerful gun and the muzzle rise could be dangerous to others. You can test your method at an indoor range at 25 feet with a body outline target.
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    Until the person is no longer standing. Look up Pat McNamara’s “range theatrics” video, for both comedy, but also a harsh reality that crosses over to the “training scars” thread we had running.
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    It depends on what I am carrying and the situation as it unfolds.

    With the 5 shot DAO snub I usually shoot singles with a slight reassess between. Multiple targets each get one, then seconds if needed. Reload may be from a speed strip or the LCP depending on circumstances.

    With the G19 it is a minimum double tap, then move on where needed. It depends on how I am dressed if I have an extra magazine or just the LCP as a reload.

    Today I am in an NPE and only carry the LCP with an extra magazine.
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