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I am a drive or shoot/run or shoot person. Do one or the other, but not both.

The reason is I have been in those situations, and when itís real, all you want to do is get the hell behind something substantial, and your return fire is greatly degraded.

Now, I was trained to move and shoot, and can do it great on the training range where Iím safe, but screwed the pooch when the incoming was real.

Depending on where I am, and where my opponent is (and how many) in the arch of the conflict as it begins, will decide what I am going to commit to at that given time. And a full commitment it will be, not divided between 2 tasks.
I used to do a lot more move n shoot than I do now.
Since the cane became my constant companion I'm not as sure on my feet as I was 20+ years ago. Moving and shooting is a recipe for ending up on intimate terms with the ground.
If that is going to happen, I want it to happen on my terms, NOT some thug that thought I'd be an easy paycheck.
To that end, I usually shoot OR move, but seldom at the same time.

Because of my personal circumstances, I practice drawing while falling. Not something to do with a loaded firearm until you are well practiced orienting on the threat on the way to the ground using a non-lethal option. Once you have controlled falling down, making accurate hits is a relatively easy progression.

The situation will dictate what response is appropriate, but if I haven't practiced a skill, I'm not very likely to employ it successfully.