Center axis relock

Center axis relock

This is a discussion on Center axis relock within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I know the center axis relock is considered a niche style of close quarters shooting but I think there is confusion about when it is ...

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Thread: Center axis relock

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    Center axis relock

    I know the center axis relock is considered a niche style of close quarters shooting but I think there is confusion about when it is applicable and how to use it. The common claim is that it is just a waste of time to use and learn. Personally the same argument could be made for learning to shooting from retention or learning to shoot at longer ranges. What are your thoughts?

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    It has its place.

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    I think it’s just a different way of doing the same thing.

    The MT with its adjustments, pretty much has everything covered from near, cqb to distant shooting for those actually versed in it.

    But if the CAR method is what one wants to use for whatever reason, then I see no problem with it. There may be issues, but I have never used it, so I would not know about those.
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    use whatever allows hits on target.
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    Go with what works.
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    I trained in the C.A.R. System. It is not a stance like Weaver, Isosceles, etc. Its three handgun positions make for flexible for use very close in, intermediate and long range. However it is not a target shooting stance like those mentioned above do it is not going to be as accurate at long distances (maybe past 40 feet), although I did well with it up to 80 feet. The system is designed to provide maximum mobility and maneuver in a gun fight couples with fast reaction, blades stance to protect center mass, and nesting the gun to prevent it being grabbed during an in your face confrontation. I have gotten foot at it, but that takes a lot of practice especially when you get to the fast change of hands without missing a stroke. I like it. I depend upon it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bad Bob View Post
    use whatever allows hits on target.
    There it is, same with Mikes post.

    I adopted two skills within the CAR system after training in that system. Best method I've ever seen for shooting while seated, particularly a vehicle. And the gun retention is near impossible to defeat, even two physically trying to take the gun at the same time. There's a high probability one can fire on either a single or dual aggressor trying to take the gun while retention is being accomplished.
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    It shines navigating weak side corners, and gives useful options.
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    My take:
    Back in 2004 I shared some range time with a C.A.R. instructor who was also a police Sergeant/ head firearms instructor for a large Ohio police department.
    Also in attendance were 7677 and AzQkr.
    It was a group brainstorming session where we each shared our expertise in various systems.
    A few days later my NYPD friend took 7677, the CAR guy and myself to the NYPD firearms training center at Rodman’s Neck.
    One of the stops was the SIMS village where an instructor showed us their undercover rescue course, both in buildings and from vehicles.
    I noticed that some of the demonstrated methods were identical to the CAR methods we had been taught the day before and as shown in the OP video.
    When asked the instructor said they never heard of CAR but just did what seemed natural in these tight situations.
    My take— as a stand alone system I would not adopt it.
    The basic stances yes, especially when seated in a vehicle.
    The changing hands methods is awesome— especially when seated but takes some practice to master.
    As a side note the C.A.R. instructor no longer teaches it since he feels that the FAS System, combined with fundamental MI is a wiser option.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BentLink View Post
    It shines navigating weak side corners, and gives useful options.
    True but it is nothing more than the “Cirillo Cant” without the brace.
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