Do you practice with .22s rather than your normal carry gun?

Do you practice with .22s rather than your normal carry gun?

This is a discussion on Do you practice with .22s rather than your normal carry gun? within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; When we first moved to Utah, we purchased a full sized M&P .22LR pistol. I figured it would save on ammo costs for practice, but ...

View Poll Results: Do you practice with .22s rather than your normal carry caliber?

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  • Yes, I primarily practice with a .22 pistol.

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  • Yes, I primarily practice with a .22 conversion for my carry pistol.

    1 1.22%
  • No, I primarily practice with my carry caliber pistol.

    62 75.61%
  • Other

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Thread: Do you practice with .22s rather than your normal carry gun?

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    Do you practice with .22s rather than your normal carry gun?

    When we first moved to Utah, we purchased a full sized M&P .22LR pistol. I figured it would save on ammo costs for practice, but find we don't use it much for a number of reasons.

    Since my wife currently carries a Glock 43 in her purse, it's not a realistic way for her to practice drawing and firing (it won't fit in her purse). For me, since I carry a DA/SA Sig, the manual of arms is different. I also think that practicing with something less than a full powered pistol could possibly lead one to develop "bad" habits, particularly a less than optimal grip.

    I'm curious, do you practice at all with a .22 version of your carry gun, or with a .22 conversion kit for your normal carry pistol? Or, do you only practice with your normal carry caliber?
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    No. My .22 is more for fun, and just to get some cheap trigger time. I donít feel shooting a mk3 helps me shoot my g30.
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    Basically I fire center fire (9X19mm and or 45ACP). About the only time I employ .22RF, is with rifles. As cost goes, I don't find the cost of 9X19mm to be prohibitive as I reload. The 45ACP also reload, but I shoot it some what less as it is not as cost effective reloading as the 9X19mm.

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    My .22 handguns are a 9 1/2" Ruger Single-Six convertible .22M/.22LR revolver and a 1 7/8" NAA Mini-22M revolver. The .22LR cylinder has never been in the Ruger. I occasionally plink with one for fun. My wife's only .22 handgun is a Ruger Mk III Hunter .22LR. She loves to shoot it at the range just for fun.
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    I practice with my carry pistols (all Glocks), although I do own a Ruger SR22 that I take to the range once in a while. I've been thinking about buying a G26 gen 3 or 4 frame and AA conversion kit and building a dedicated practice .22, since my EDC is a 26. If I did that, I'd sell the Ruger. My wife is onboard with that idea, so I suppose I should do it sooner rather than later.
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    I guess I'm the oddball. I voted other because there are times when I need to refresh old techniques and habits and I use a .22 for that. I use a Kimber 22 upper for my TLE-RL II. I also us a Ruger 22/45 at times. Most of my shooting is with carry calibers though.

    Now rifles? The CZ 22 I have for that is way more accurate than any human, and I use it at 200 yards because it lets me practice my long range techniques without having to travel to a 1,000 yard range. Those 1,000 yard ranges are scarce.
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    I learn new things with a .22 pistol. But I practice with my carry gun. When I first tried unsighted shooting it was with a Daisy in the yard. Then with a SR22 to make sure I had it. When I transitioned to my carry gun I had it down in only a few min. Why fight recoil and report when what I really needed to focus on was target, grip and trigger! DR

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    Same as Old Chap. My Kimber .22 conversion makes for a fun range day and shooting a .22 can help detect and correct bad habits
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    I voted no but if there was another option for shooting the defensive caliber and 22's I would have voted that way.

    I primarily carry DA revolvers. Shooting my SP101 22LR helps master a DA trigger with cheaper ammo costs. Recoil is different of course but triggers are similar.
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    No. As much as I loved going fast with my Ruger MK2 Govt at the bowling pin tables and other fun types of shooting, it probably has cob webs in the barrel.

    By choosing not to carry striker fired weapons, I have different trigger pulls on all of my carry guns. If I spend much time getting the double action stroke of my old 3" Bulldog .44 to deliver a well placed hit, I then notice that when I pick up my Sig P250, with it's looong double action stroke, that I must re-familiarize myself with it. The little LCP Custom just falls somewhere in the middle, and seems easy enough to shoot accurately.

    If the old Mk2 ever comes out again, it will be for the enjoyment of not reloading again and letting the Grandkids now enjoy learning on a .22
    I still have one of the thin short barrels the std model came with, which my then, 5 year old daughter learned on. I still also have a nice 1x scope that was alot of fun to use. Even have an old Simmons 7x from when they were made in Japan that has never been used.
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    For my wife and I shooting .22's are for cheap fun.
    Shooting 500 rounds of .22LR each is more fun and cheaper than busting off 1000 rounds of 9mm. Less abusive on the hands as well

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    I have .22 handguns, but other than shooting in fun matches they come out mainly for recreational (i.e., fun vs training) purposes, or when I need to settle down and work on basics. The automatics, however, have 2-pound triggers which don't really resemble the triggers on the defensive guns.
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    I voted "other" because I'm all over the map. I shoot a lot of .22 in various guns. I shoot a lot of 9mm in various guns. I shoot some .380. I shoot some .38. I shoot some .32.

    I primarily carry 9mm, 380, and .32 and sometimes carry .22.
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    I feel that using a .22 for practice is helpful if you have one that is the same or close to the same size with same grip angle, etc. I have a Shield EZ and an M&P .22 compact. Other than the grip safety on the EZ the guns are almost identical. The Shield will most probably never be a carry gun for me because it is considerably larger than my actual .380 carry guns, so no reason to have both except that "I wanted them."

    The closest I come to having a comparable .22 for practice in place of a .380 carry gun is the combination of my Browning 1911-22 and my .380 SIG P238's. The grip sizes and angles are almost identical and the trigger pull is also. The Browning is a slightly larger gun - longer barrel, longer grip - but after shooting a whole bunch through the Browning yesterday and then transitioning to one of my P238' WORKS for me really well. In fact, the triggers on my P238's are smoother than the one on the Browning! Difference in recoil not terribly great, but enough to keep me shooting the .22 more to protect my damaged hand as much as possible.

    Cost per round is a major factor also.

    I have no comparable .22 to my G42, and also have no comparable carry gun to my Ruger Mark IV Lite. Going back to the end of paragraph one in this post........I have those guns because I wanted them. I've had the G42 far too long to give it up, so I practice with it enough to know it is still a viable carry gun for me.
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    I voted "Other" as I sometimes will use my .22 AA conversion on my Glock 30. Extensive shooting of .45s, anything over 100 rounds, will leave me with a sore wrist for a few days. Just wear and tear setting in. The .22 gives me a chance to fire away without the sore wrist, and I like the fact its the same frame as my .45.

    The downside of the conversion is it's a bit ammo picky--liking 40-grain MiniMag ammo the best--and at about 100 rounds the gunk will start to affect its operation. A simple wipe with a rag will get it back to running smoothly for another 90-100 rounds. Nothing I can't live with.
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