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Do you wear a concealment garment when you practice with your pistol?

Thread: Do you wear a concealment garment when you practice with your pistol?

  1. glockman10mm's Avatar

    glockman10mm said:
    I think flinging arrows is more fun:)
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  2. Gabill's Avatar

    Gabill said:
    I practice and train with what I'm wearing that day. I don't change clothes just to go practice or train.
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  3. RedSafety's Avatar

    RedSafety said:
    iTarget shooting, yes. Otherwise, no.
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    Novarider said:
    Can't draw from a holster at the ranges around here.
  5. dennis40x's Avatar

    dennis40x said:
    Quote Originally Posted by G26Raven View Post
    (while wearing long pants)

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  6. riverrambler's Avatar

    riverrambler said:
    When I practice @ home with snap caps, I practice draw and fire with different cover garments. In winter when I'm layered, usually wear a vest under a coat so I can take the coat off when I go inside, like a restaurant, when wearing a should rig. Then I'll do a couple of draws before I leave the house just to make sure there's no surprises.
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  7. jmf552's Avatar

    jmf552 said:
    Both of the ranges I go to do not allow holsters, so for regular live fire practice, I don't. I wear a concealment garment when I am in a class that allows holsters. Sometimes I practice dry fire at home with a concealment garment.
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