Are you as proficient with your handgun as you would like to be?

Are you as proficient with your handgun as you would like to be?

This is a discussion on Are you as proficient with your handgun as you would like to be? within the Defensive Carry & Tactical Training forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I've been shooting now for a bit over ten years and despite having taken many courses and hours of instruction, I still feel like I ...

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Thread: Are you as proficient with your handgun as you would like to be?

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    Are you as proficient with your handgun as you would like to be?

    I've been shooting now for a bit over ten years and despite having taken many courses and hours of instruction, I still feel like I can aways learn something new. I am reasonably proficient with a handgun but by no means consider myself to be an "expert."

    When I shoot in a class I am usually about in the middle of the group or the upper half of the class. I am by no means the worst, but I certainly am not the best.

    How do you rate your skills?
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    Too close to Saginaw Mi.
    I am not fast nor am I slow. My skills are half fast.
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    NOPE...never will be.
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    “The everyday man who holsters a handgun for come-what-may eventualities cannot improve on a .44 Special revolver.” Skeeter Skelton

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    Depends on what you are measuring. Back before all the emphasis on tactical skills, house clearing, attacking a fortified position, etc., I used to win old fashioned marksmanship competitions regularly. I still shoot X ring at 10 yards rapid fire with my carry weapon on a daily basis. I have no interest in learning squad tactics for clearing a house as I am not with SWAT or the Corps. If it was practical self-defense not taught by a steroid abusing tactical ninja I am interested to hear what they have to offer. All too often my experience has been that classes to improve my shooting are actually like the moronic ones NRAs now defunct carry insurance was peddling - no thanks.
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    I wish I could practice more live fire, but I can't. Once a week just keeps one average. I've been searching for decent dry fire exercises and haven't found much.
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    I am comfortable with my current proficiency, but not content with it.

    I fired a total of five rounds this morning, off-hand from one of my .45 Shields at seventy yards. When those misses tighten up by the few required inches needed to achieve contentment, I will no doubt back up another five yards, and attempt once again to achieve contentment.

    Are you as proficient with your handgun as you would like to be?-dsc04606.jpg
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    I voted other. I have done well at the range, hunting, and in the military shooting guns over the last sixty-seven years. I will let you know how proficient I am if I survive a life-or-death situation now.
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    Been at it a while. Good with my hand guns or rifles. Not as good as I once was but better than many. Good enough for minute of man or beast. I am will to devote the time a money to get back to where I was in the past. No
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    Until I can shoot like Keanu Reeves in a "John Wick" film, I feel there's always room for improvement.

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    Who is......?
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    Every time I reach a goal, I look beyond and strive to reach the next hurdle. Unlikely I'll ever feel "good enough."

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    I feel I have reached a plateau with my skills as I physically age and can no longer perform them as well as I once did. Eyesight, arthritis, loss of muscle, and loss of fine motor skills have all taken a toll. But I still strive to retard the loss of skill through as much practice as I can find the time and place for.
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    I shoot at a high level, train very frequently, and take a whole bunch of classes each year, but I will never be where I want to; student for life/zero days off.
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    I chose "as well as I would like to" because my goal is to be as good as I can be, and I think I have achieved that mark. I dd not chose expert because there were no qualifications for being considered an expert. I merited expert badges for both rifle and pistol in the Corps, but that was determined by a point score not a self evaluation.
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    Every time I have taken some live-fire training, I've learned some useful things, and I've gained much from good, constructive feedback.

    I'm a pretty fair shot at a harmless, paper target. As with others above, there are better shots and I would always like to improve. Usually, I can eat the center out of a target at 10 yards with my carry pieces. I've seen some shooters do better, and I've seen wayyyy too many handgun shooters spray the target, even at close range. (As an aside, I suspect that they're all flinching, holding the piece wrong, pulling the trigger wrong, and sighting wrong. Oh, and standing wrong. Training would do such wonders for these shooters.)

    Back to the topic, room for improvement?

    Always, and always a worthy goal.

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