Do you announce you are armed during a confrontation? - View Poll Results

Poll Results

View Poll Results: Would you "announce" to a threat, or show, that you have a gun?

  • Yes, I would put my hand where my gun is, or sweep my cover garment.

    2 2.00%
  • Yes, I would draw and brandish the firearm.

    2 2.00%
  • Yes, I would say "I have a gun, back off" without displaying the firearm.

    1 1.00%
  • Yes, I would say "I have a gun" and display the weapon.

    1 1.00%
  • No, I will not display the weapon or announce unless I am going to shoot.

    48 48.00%
  • It depends...

    49 49.00%
  • Other

    6 6.00%
Multiple Choice Poll.