Large versatile survival type knife?

Large versatile survival type knife?

This is a discussion on Large versatile survival type knife? within the Defensive Knives & Other Weapons forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I was wondering what you guys have in mind for a large, versatile, survival type knifes? I saw the Army M9 and it looks pretty ...

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Thread: Large versatile survival type knife?

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    Large versatile survival type knife?

    I was wondering what you guys have in mind for a large, versatile, survival type knifes? I saw the Army M9 and it looks pretty cool? Any others?
    Perhaps ones with hollow handles to store things?

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    The M9 is a heavy knife. You will get various opinions on this due to personal preference and use. For my Outdoor wild needs I carry either a Kbar mil spec knife or a Cold steel Bushman bowie as well a small folder.
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    Randall Model 18-7 1/2". The original survival with hollow handle construction, the development is an intresting story.

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    I just got me a Kabar Tac Tool KA-BAR Becker Tac Tool 7" Carbon Steel Blade Rescue and Tactical Knife -

    I am a fan of it. It doesnt have a hollow handle, but that is what my pack is for.
    It is a heavy knife so it would be great for chopping. The only big thing I dont like is the lack of a saw type blade on the back. I guess it doesnt have a point either so it might be the farthest thing from what you are looking. Good luck on your search.

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    Small machete

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    In threads like this I keep seeing "small machete" or just "machete" and, well...a machete is a machete and a knife is a knife. The main issues with a machete are that they're typically, especially if you buy them here in the States, more of a tree beater than anything else. They're just thin and light enough to be worthless for anything heavier than moderate brush and batoning through something tough with them is a recipe for a really funky looking attempt at a boomerang, let alone the typically lousy edge retention, and lackluster digging you can do with them.

    Any of the larger ESEE blades will serve you well in this capacity and not cost an arm and a leg. There is a reason why all the LRRPs carried both a good knife and a machete, after all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fernset View Post
    I was wondering what you guys have in mind for a large, versatile, survival type knifes? I saw the Army M9 and it looks pretty cool? Anyothers? Perhaps ones with hollow handles to store things?
    There are lots of good choices out there. I'd avoid the "Rambo" knives. Those are for tourists. A knife handle is not a suitcase.

    I went through survival training with a Gerber Mk II. They were designed for Viet Nam, but have remained popular for over 40 years. In the woods, it handled every survival task thrown at it and stayed sharp. I've owned and used them for over 30 years and taught many a survival course while using them. My first one was stolen years ago, which broke my heart. I bought a new one within days, though. Never found anything that I liked better.
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    Two suggestions---Cold Steel SRK---have two from many years apart---different steel---like 'em both---not too expensive---The Glock knife---thinner blade---made in Austria (good steel)---priced way cheap---you see many photos of special forces around the world carrying Glock knives even when not armed with Glock pistol---if you lose it or destroy it, very cheap to replace (get two).

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    The Chris Reeve expensive "one piece" Hollow Handle "survival knife" did not "SURVIVE" the destructive knife tests.
    In fact it barely got started. It was too brittle and broke right in half.

    The one piece cheapy Shrade "MADE IN CHINA" "Extreme Survival" Hollow handle (with the screwdriver and all of the other stupid tools in the hollow handle actually did much better in testing than the Chris Reeve.

    Just FYI - I would stay away from all of the hollow handle survival type knives.

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    Mora 511 & 2000

    I am a big Mora knife fan. These knives are well made, very economical and have great steel.

    In 20+ years of military service I carried and used a couple of Randalls, a Chris Reeve as far as fixed blades goes and a Terzuola ATCF and a couple of Chris Reeve Sebenzas covered me for folding tactical knives.

    I bought my first Mora about 6 months ago and it does what I need a fixed blade to do. I keep one in my truck, one in my range bag etc.

    Here are a couple of pics.

    Good skills with a $10 knife beat fair skills with a $200 knife every time.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Large versatile survival type knife?-511-w-belt-sheath.jpg  

    Large versatile survival type knife?-511-w-belt-sheath.jpg2.jpg  

    Large versatile survival type knife?-mora-2000-w-belt-sheath.jpg3.jpg  

    Large versatile survival type knife?-mora-2000-w-belt-sheath2.jpg  

    Hooah! It's an Army thing!

    [email protected]

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    I have on of these: GerberGear > Product Details > LMF II

    I've been very pleased with it. Extremely durable, and you can usually find them around ~$70.
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    I would NOT want one of these as a main blade for survival or woodcraft apps because they suck at chopping but, everybody should have one or two of these.
    Even though they do not chop on their own very well you CAN beat the back of the blade with a rock to split wood.
    They just do not break.

    Also Note....the supplied sheath sucks but for $20.00 who cares?

    I keep one in the vehicle trunk. Wife uses hers for general gardening apps and digging weeds. I have yet another one tossed in with my SHTF stuff as a secondary knife.


    A measly $20.00 Buy It Now on Ebay.

    You can just Beat The Livin' Crap out of them.

    They do not hold a long lasting keen edge but, they are a breeze to field sharpen with ease just like a machete.

    You can dig dirt with them. Mount them on a shaft - Do all of your crappy abusive knife work with one of these.
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    How long is a piece of string?.........

    "versatile", but what are your objectives, and what conditions should be expected from the knife. You want something "large", well, are you building shelter, and preparing food with the same tool?.

    There are many other uses, like, camping, bushcraft/survival, general use ( EDC ), work, etc..

    I believe that looking for a knife that does it "all", is a search for the right combinations, and it should be a system. Carry a small/medium "quality" folder, and match it to a more rugged tool like a fixed blade, or a chopper. Even better, those fantastic "multitools".

    I love R.A.Ts. I carry a Rat 3 every day, and keep a R.A.T 7 strapped to my buttpack (which carries my Leatherman multitool.). I better stop ranting about knives before I tell you I carry a BK&T Becker Necker in my vehicle in case my Rat 3 needs back up.

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    Really depends on what you know how to use, and how you'll use it. The majority of survival tasks can be accomplished with a decent Swiss Army knife with saw blade, or similar (personally I have a Gerber multi-tool that has a saw blade in it).

    But, big knives are fun, so I've got a bunch of them too. I typically recommend against hollow handles (Chris Reeve knives being the exception) due to how most of them are made, and the resulting lack of durability.

    As for my choices, a few that I've used and feel do pretty well, in no particular order...they've all got a number of decent choices and sizes:
    Ranger knives Ready Detachment Series (good prices on these too)
    RAT cutlery (Now named ESEE Knives)

    I like the above since they tend to get a little more personal attention (in my mind) during manufacture. Some mass produced knives seem to have occasional lemons that come out...but for the most part, the majority seem good (and every one I've had are good):
    Ka-Bar (their fixed blades are classics, but I like a lot of their folders)
    Gerber LMF II
    Some of Cold Steel's stuff...although they seem to keep changing their steels, and I haven't kept up, but the SRK and Trailmaster have had good histories.

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