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This is a discussion on Defensive carry knife within the Defensive Knives & Other Weapons forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by AzQkr 2:26 in the video, shows the initial move to wall of edge, and just one of several followups. Your blade is ...

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Thread: Defensive carry knife

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    Quote Originally Posted by AzQkr View Post
    2:26 in the video, shows the initial move to wall of edge, and just one of several followups. Your blade is indeed kept in high compressed ready waiting to meet his arm [ the cut is automatic usually to their wrist/hand ].
    Thanks! If you ever hold courses in the Northern Virginia/ DC area, I’d like to train.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BackpackHunter View Post
    I carry a knife, but for every day use. It could be pressed into a self defense role, but that is not its primary function.

    Esse quam videri
    I always think of Fairbarin a man who prob forgot more about knife fighting then most ..But also how many wounds/injures he had from it ..Knife fighting is brutally to say the least close nasty gutter fighting ..I have done fencing ..That is a art and pretty , true sword/knife combat is not it is get in the gutter and kill em to miss quote Fairbarin visit this site
 I think Jmf points sum it up best ..And add another most states knife laws are far odder and weirder and more framgeted then say gun laws.. Will a state may say ok gun here and here carry is fine might also say well this knife here is legal but not here or legal here only is open carried .

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    Something fishy about post #92...
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    Indeed sir, thanks for the heads-up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gabill View Post
    While doing my tour in the Marines I had very little training using a knife in self defense training. Do those that carry a knife for defense have special training using the knife for self defense? My thought if you don’t have training is it worth carrying a defense knife?
    What was it you did in the marines? As a grunt we were taught knife techniques. I almost want to say it was part of obtaining the green belt but don’t quote me on that. I do recall during my first deployment prior to the knife training, an incident between a marine and iraq police. Unfortunately they are less than honorable individuals and contribute greatly to the corruption of that country. Anyway the marine and “IP” were on post together. IP pointed his rifle at the marine, who grabbed the barrel pushed it to the side and stabbed the “IP” in the neck killing him.

    Anyway yes it is worth it. Also my formal knife training I felt to be inadequate. Just remember this. A knife is an extension of your arm. Know your anatomy for both organ and artery locations. While some states knife length laws can prohibit organ strike, artery’s are normally very accessible.

    Also keep inmind how it will look in the courtroom. knives are often considered thug weapons etc.

    With that said the great state of NH has no knife laws provided you are legally able to own one. I carry multiple blades at a time, ranging from utility purposes to rib wedging organ piercers.

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    I want a defensive knife for one primary purpose: to prevent a gun grab and/or in case my dominant hand is otherwise occupied or disabled during an assault. For a whole lot of years, I relied on a folder in a hip pocket, but was never really satisifed with accessibility under stress. I experimented with small fixed blades, but never found the right combination of accessibility, speed of deployment, and low-key/concealability.

    A couple of months ago, I found my solution! The "morphing kerambit," now produced by CRKT under license as the "Provoke" model. I'm low-tech, so can't post photos, but just google "morphing kerambit." While CRKT is rightly associated with lower quality blade materials, this model utilizes D2 steel, and is well made and fitted (reflected in the $199 MSRP; higher than most CRKT models).

    I cobbled up a low profile black leather scabbard that holds the knife on my non-dominant side. Most folks who aren't "into knives" don't even realize what it is, due to its unconventional appearance. Thanks to the ring and the simple opening mechanism, it's easy and extremely fast to draw and deploy, and the hawkbill-type blade in reverse grip offers good cutting power at close quarters.

    Just FYI, and food for thought.
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    Twenty plus years ago, at a firearms group meeting, in Brampton Ontario, Canada.
    In this class, in a local Police Building. An American Police Officer, giving a neat lecture, on close up fighting, stops that go into rolling around on the ground, and worse.

    He had already asked who carried a folding knife early on in his lecture. I ran my own Company, as a Firearms Instructor. My Students Police/Security Armed Officers/Armoured Car Attendants/Military.

    I was not a Police Officer. As most of the program was Firearm oriented, I fit in OK.

    One interesting Question!
    Carrying your general purpose folding knife, who would use it to defend themselves against an assailant.

    I was sitting in the front row, I could only see the guys on my left and right. I put my hand up.
    The Instructor started laughing! "Mike, you are the only non Cop here, but you would use your Knife?"

    I explained I had worked as a Door Man (Bouncer!) in Liverpool UK, for 5 years. a rough Sea Port. Been in dozens of fist (and whatever) fights. Plus stabbed twice! One of those stabbings was a nutcase trying to kill me, with a home-made ice pick. My 3.5" blade most likely will not reach the heart, but yes on a kidney, the carotid artery for sure. The one on each upper thigh, also.

    That was Canada! Now carry a Glock 9mm pistol, every day. And with the same mindset on my folding knife. Now a Benchmade, all black, with a black 3.5" razor sharp blade. Plus a swing out seat belt cutter.

    Also with a wee sharp window breaker on one end. The primary use, whilst driving, getting someone out of a crashed car. Especially breaking the window.

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    I have a folding Buck ranger in a pouch on my belt daily and I find myself using it all the time. I think of it as a tool, but it certainly could serve as a defensive weapon, if it came to that. But I'd much rather use the 38 snub in my right front pocket for that purpose.
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    Even without a "lick" of knife training....would you rather have a razor sharp implement on your person or a colorful bag of Skittles candy? If things turned suddenly dicey.

    Every human has an ingrained self preservation instinct. Some choose to recognize/believe that it doesn't exist. They are usually called corpses or hospital patients.

    But, it's there and dates way back to our naked ape days.

    We are all ancestors of humans that have survived multitudes of global catastrophies and personal deadly threats.

    Otherwise we would be dust today. We are human race survivors. For the most part.

    Some are now hopeless hapless snowflakes w/ a victim mentality.

    So...YES! Carry something pointed and wicked sharp. It will always trump a finger-poke to the belly button.

    Intelligent humans tend to figure things out quickly and reflexively when precious life hangs in the immediate balance.

    And a "cutting edge" can be an absolute necessity in situations that are not immediately/personally life threatening.
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