Neck knife

Neck knife

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Thread: Neck knife

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    Neck knife

    I have worn a neck knife for years. Easy to get to. But sometimes I go to the beach and take my shirt off and do I get the looks. I have just worn it so long I forget I have it on. My wife thinks it is stupid but I have pulled before and glad I had it. Just wondered if anyone else wears one.

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    Never seemed practical to me. I do have a Becker Necker but if I ever carry it which is seldom, I carry it on the belt.

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    I have a Kabar LDK that I sometimes wear around my neck. Mostly, I tie it into my boot laces or wear between my belt and pants. I leave the finger hole sticking out above my belt and it gives easy access. It's a last ditch knife for sure.
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    Never owned one or warn one, but have wondered how well they would work? What do you use to secure the knife around your neck and does it show through your shirt? Have you a pic?

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    I carry a 5" ColdSteel. Hey, carry what you want.
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    I have not seen the need to wear a neck knive, I like my edged weapon, clipped on a pocket for instant access...around the neck seems a bit difficult to get to...but you're the one who has to be able to use it.
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    I've got a couple but can't seem to wear them under a t-shirt without them printing.

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    Never tried, but I knew a rough kid when I was in high school and he pulled his to keep me from getting jumped once, so I'm okay with them.
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