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Federal Flight Control loads vs. normal wads

Thread: Federal Flight Control loads vs. normal wads

  1. graydude's Avatar

    graydude said:

    Federal Flight Control loads vs. normal wads

    Several here have commented they use Federal Flight Control loads for home defense. I'm on the fence with using them, and for now continue to use standard wad loads. When I pattern both at HD distances, the flight control loads are a single hole while a normal wad is a tight pattern.

    Which do you prefer, and why?
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    Cuda66 said:
    I prefer tighter.

    Reasoning? On a hit, that shot column is still going to spread out every which way internally...damage wonít be kept to a narrow area. And even if they donít...pulping wounds are pretty dang nasty, and tend to get immediate stops.

    Then again, I tend to consider the close range HD shotgun more of a very large bore rifle, loaded with frangible ammunition...I really donít expect a spread.
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    gasmitty said:
    I'm pretty happy with the Federal reduced-recoil LE buckshot loads, which happen to use the Flight Control shot cups/wads.
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    OldChap said:
    I like the Flite Control loads because they do keep everything close together. I don't have to worry about having pellets miss the target at the longest possible shot I might have inside the house (18 yards). On the other hand, the LE132-1B loads are hard to find at times, and while I have enough for most eventualities, I stocked up on the same Federal 00 LE version as @gasmitty refers to above. At normal HD distances most normal loads pattern pretty close (a few do not), but at the 18 yard distance the Flite Control really starts coming into it's own - at least in my guns.
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    LimaCharlie said:
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    graydude said:
    At longer distances the flight control cup really shines, no doubt.

    In my current home, though, 10 yards is almost impossible, and the most likely use of the shotguns is down the length of a stairwell, or from an upstairs alcove 2-3 yards from the front door.

    So, single entry hole with the flight control vs ~3Ē pattern with a regular load. Both will fan out after entry, but with the speed of taking a first shot at someone moving fast the 3Ē pattern may give a better chance of a spine/CNS contact. Admittedly not a huge difference, but it has me wondering.

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    LimaCharlie said:
    My preference is #1 buckshot, Federal Flight Control if I can find it, for my 12 gauge. I also have a 3" X 3" Taurus Judge on the nightstand loaded with five 3" Winchester PDX-1 .410 shot shell.
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    JD said:
    The way I look at it, home defense can extend out in the yard / property and a tight pattern would be sure appreciated by the neighborhood.

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  9. TSKnight's Avatar

    TSKnight said:
    I used to be in the tighter pattern is better camp until I attended a shotgun class specific to Home Defense.
    Since then, I shifted to keeping two shotguns available in the house. One for inside HD and one for outside varmints.

    The HD shotgun is loaded with Federal Classic 2 3/4" 00 buck. It has an 18.5" cyl bbl. At in home distances, the tight pattern defeats one of the primary strengths of the shotgun for HD.

    The varmint shotgun sports a standard 28" Imp cyl barrel and is loaded with Federal #4 buck with the FCW and 6 2 3/4" Federal 00 with the FCW In the side saddle. Considering the primary role is coyote, the longer reach is an advantage. Oh, #4 buck does a real number on racoon too.

    Here is an earlier thread that touches on the subject.
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