Upgrading trigger advice please

Upgrading trigger advice please

This is a discussion on Upgrading trigger advice please within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Got a Smith and Wesson M&P 5.56 I was looking at improving the stock trigger. The options are mind boggling. Any advice appreciated...

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Thread: Upgrading trigger advice please

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    Upgrading trigger advice please

    Got a Smith and Wesson M&P 5.56
    I was looking at improving the stock trigger.
    The options are mind boggling.
    Any advice appreciated

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    There are tons of options. I leave my triggers stock, but to prepare this thread for recommendations, are you looking for single or two stage triggers?
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    How much do you want to spend on an off-the-shelf AR? The LaRue MBT-25 2-stage trigger is very nice at under $100. I like mine very much, but I don't have a $200-$300 trigger to compare it with. If you're one who has to have only the best, it goes up from there.

    Added: The MBT-25 comes with two springs, a 4-lb spring installed and a 6-lb spring for those who prefer a bit more weight in a trigger, especially for SD purposes. I use the 4-lb spring in my range AR, but after using it a while, I'd opt for the 6-lb spring for a defensive rifle, other than for sniper use. the 4-lb trigger is pretty light for an antsy finger.
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    Sound advice/questions so far.

    As the other guys asked:

    Budget (we all have one)
    Single or 2 stage? (basic functioning, might want a single stage for 3 Gun, 2 stage for precision)
    Task/purpose? (same as above)

    For an excellent quality, great value, 2-Stage trigger the Larue MBT is really, really, tough to beat. Want to throw some more money at the "problem" for an incremental increase in performance, Geisselle SSA-E.
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    I went with CMC Triggers. They're made in Ft.Worth. I purchase most all my AR parts here, as their prices are fair (great), & they are constantly having sales. Several things to consider, as @Chuck R. mentioned. One other thing to think about: curved or flat. I've found I prefer a flat trigger on my AR's.

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    I just installed a Geissele SSA trigger in my AR10. This is the second one I have purchased, I have previously installed one in my S&W M&P 15. Great trigger. They are not cheap, but they are excellent.
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    Geissele SSA-E in mine. Not stupid light, but such a nice break.
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    What about it are you trying to change. Do you want to just reduce the take up. Do you want a little light pull? maybe both? Of are you looking for a higher end fancy trigger .
    Some of it can be done well for 1-20 dollars and have a very good trigger. The other end can run from $100 to a few hundred.
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    I like a 2-stage trigger on a rifle like an AR. I was really impressed with the Rock River trigger I put in my first AR, but the Geissele G2S I got for about $100 (PSA sale) is even more impressive.
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    What do you want in a trigger? Lighter trigger? Change the springs. Less takeup? Trigger adjuster. Is there a coating on the trigger where the two main pieces mate? A light polishing with some 2000 grit sandpaper. VERY light sanding.
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