I think I messed up...New AR Rifle.

I think I messed up...New AR Rifle.

This is a discussion on I think I messed up...New AR Rifle. within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I had about $500 to spend, (performance award). I decided I was gonna get something, I had an M&P 2.0 in mind, Fullsize FDE. The ...

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Thread: I think I messed up...New AR Rifle.

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    I think I messed up...New AR Rifle.

    I had about $500 to spend, (performance award). I decided I was gonna get something, I had an M&P 2.0 in mind, Fullsize FDE. The shop was very full, which is not too unexpected, since we had that event happen in our area about a week ago.

    I have to say, my opinion, it is a sad sight to see very inexperienced US Citizens buying firearms, at least that was my observation, but getting on with the discussion, since this comment will come back and bite me. (inexperience AR owner)

    As I looked over some of the firearms, I ask about the ARs and looked over some low cost ARs from DelTon, (I have a DelTon, owned it for about 4 years now, no issues). I mention that I was interested in a new AR with no front and a full rail for an optic and 45 degree iron sights.

    So they showed me a I.O. AR for $499.00, total cost was $540 & change. Filled out the paper, paid and I was on my way.

    I did some research on this AR and found a lot of poor reviews for this company, but mainly for their AK variants, no so much for the ARs.

    Does anyone have any opinion on this AR??

    Pictures below.

    I think I messed up...New AR Rifle.-20190810_125110.jpg

    I think I messed up...New AR Rifle.-20190810_123251.jpg

    I think I messed up...New AR Rifle.-20190810_211251.jpg

    I think I messed up...New AR Rifle.-20190811_175625.jpg

    If you served, thank you for your service.

    If you did not serve, you are most very welcome.
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    Never heard of them, but Palm Bay is about an hour north of me.
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    I have owned several ar's over the years and basically if they are made to "mil spec" then there pretty much all the same. Worse functioning at I ever owned in my life was a colt. Take it out and shoot it and if it performs well don't worrie about it.

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    I donít know anything about their ARís, but we used to sell their AKís where I used to work and they were not good guns.
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    One person in our "MAG" has one. I have never heard her complain about it. And as said above, if it is to milspec it should do alright.
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    IO ..Good luck is all I can say ..They dont make AK for a reason anymore ..Hint if your guns are so crap that you have to blame ammo for a post sample jamming that is not a good sign .

    I would very very carfully check any part that can fail ...With luck they outsourced the parts and did not make there own ..I hope .... They are know for using beyond bottom of barrel work ...Both of there AK era factory tour videos are not on the internet anymore for a reason ( hint they were bad very bad I would call it near home gunsmiths it showed lot of grind to fit not following OSHA etc)

    The only IO I have ever heard anything half ok about was stuff they just imported and 922r even then ...

    It is a AR so the good news is unless they really messed up any thing out of spec or bad should be a easy cheep fix
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    IO AKs are grenades. I've never heard anything about their ARs, either good or bad. That's probably a good thing, since bad news tends to travel.

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    Clean it, inspect it, then Shoot the hell out of it, enjoy it, learn about ARs, inspect it and clean it. Shoot it more.

    Congratulation on the award too!
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    With all of the reliability bragging about AK's, IO was one brand to not touch. If they can't even get that right, I wonder how they will do with a rifle that cares about specs?
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    BIG mistake!!! You should have gotten one with a Betsy Ross flag, just to tell Nike and Colin that they are responsible for the sale.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WrongRecroom View Post
    It is a AR so the good news is unless they really messed up any thing out of spec or bad should be a easy cheep fix
    I would agree with that. I would think you have two potential types of problems (with any firearm):

    1. Poor quality parts
    2. Poor assembly

    ARs are the "legos" of guns. Unless you get something exotic, all the parts are interchangeable. If you have any bad parts, you can replace them. The one part I would be most concerned with would be the BCG. As far as assembly, double/triple check that everything is strait and tight. While you should be able to buy a firearm and not have to worry about these types of problems, I enjoy working my firearms. My first AR was a Smith & Wesson M&P because although I was interested in building one, I was still apprehensive. After a few range sessions, the castle nut came loose. After deterring that sending it in under warranty would be a hassle, I just watched some videos on how to properly tighten and stake the castle nut. I then watched some more videos on builds and ended up selling that rifle and building my own. It was an enjoyable experience.
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