Best Practices for Home Defense Shotgun Storage

Best Practices for Home Defense Shotgun Storage

This is a discussion on Best Practices for Home Defense Shotgun Storage within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Hey everyone - I'd love to hear advice on best practices for shotgun storage "at the ready" for home defense. Specifically, I read somewhere that ...

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Thread: Best Practices for Home Defense Shotgun Storage

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    Best Practices for Home Defense Shotgun Storage

    Hey everyone - I'd love to hear advice on best practices for shotgun storage "at the ready" for home defense. Specifically, I read somewhere that (1) a shot gun should be stored NOT chambered because they don't have the same drop safety protection as modern pistols and (2) whatever maximum capacity they have they should be stored with one less to ease tension on the spring that feeds them.

    I really am clueless if these two precautions are needed or just tales of he said she said. They may be 100% legit - I'd just love to hear from people that know.

    My SA-20 semi auto shotgun has a capacity of 5+1, so using these precautions results in a shotgun not ready to go and a total capacity of 4.

    I've been storing it like this since I bought it new a year ago and just think I am giving up a lot of capacity for what is already low capacity.

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    I agree with 1. chamber empty and safety off. Run the action, the shotgun is ready. Often times called "cruiser ready". As for 2. fill the mag tube to capacity the spring will not wear out compressed and static. It's just like the spring in a pistol mag, cycling causes wear.

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    Cruiser ready. Full tube of #4 buck shot with slugs in the saddle.
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    Springs don't care if they are compressed or relaxed, it's the flexing that fatigues them. Fill the tube, leave the chamber empty.

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    I'll break with the 'norm'.

    When I kept a shotgun "at the ready" it was Condition 1 in a V-Line Long Gun Vault. I kept my Benelli M1S90 with 1 round chambered, 1 round on the feed tray and 6 rounds in the mag tube (mag capacity is 7). All of the loads in the gun were #1 Buck, on the buttstock carrier I kept 6 rounds of HORN TAP OO with the flight control wad.

    Rationale: Not a fan of racking anything, I like to keep all of my HD stuff in the same readiness condition. This is in part due to my wanting my HD guns readily available to my other family members. Due to their varying levels of training/practice a simple user interface is better. This is also the reason I've gone from a shotgun to an AR, the ability to train/practice was better, no issues with recoil. I don't sweat the"drop safe" as long as the weapon is securely stored and that's where the V-Line comes in. IF I was worried about it I'd end up wandering the KS prairie yearly chasing roosters in Condition 3, and that's just not a recipe for success.

    My old setup:

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    Cruiser Ready for me.
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    Cruiser ready for me; if the mrs slams a vacuum cleaner into the gun box under the bed I don't want it going bang.

    I actually download by two. Springs should not weaken if left compressed, but I've handled old shotguns that had weakened springs and those weren't guns that had a lot of field use or range time. I wonder if those springs had really been designed just for "3 shell max" hunting use and stuffing the tube to capacity over compressed the springs.

    So in my case with an 8 shot tube, I keep 6 in the gun, cycle the action to make ready to shoot, and if time allows I can stuff 3 more in from the saddle.
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    The agency I retired from carried the 11-87 Tactical cruiser ready, I don't see any reason to differ for HD use.
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    Mossberg 500, cruiser-ready, minus 1 in 7 round magtube (00), 6 slugs in side-saddle.
    This leaves the option for first and subsequent rounds being a slug.

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    Condition 1, tube to capacity. My shotgun is stored horizontal. No one else at home, so I'm not worried about N.D. I've been shooting 60 years, & never had a feed issue from a shotgun left loaded.
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    There are several attach-to-the-wall, lockable devices which enclose a shotgun's action and make it inoperable.
    We bought one, and attached it to a wall stud, at adult-shoulder height, right inside a bedroom-closet door.
    Our shotgun is locked within the device, bolt open, with a full magazine (buckshot) and one on the elevator, safety on.
    The key is left in the lock at all times, except when we're not at home or children are visiting us.

    Just turn the key and hold your hand out, and you are in possession of a ready-to-go shotgun.
    Push the slide forward, and you're ready to shoot.
    Press the safety to "off," and press the trigger.
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    Quote Originally Posted by patkelly4370 View Post
    Mossberg 500, cruiser-ready, minus 1 in 7 round magtube (00), 6 slugs in side-saddle.
    This leaves the option for first and subsequent rounds being a slug.

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    500 20 gauge with elzetta mount and light. Tac star side saddle aluminum plate with ground down screw to fit 20 gauge as 12 gauge screw was to long. Attached to that I've got 7 round 20 gauge brown coat tactical shot shell holder velcroed with industrial Velcro yo the tac star plate. I have 7 rounds of 2 3/4 #3 buckshot Remington managed recoil in the tube and one in the chamber. It's got the safety on and it's already racked and cruiser ready so that when I flick the safety off I can send rounds down range if needed.

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    Mossberg 500, cruiser ready, filled with Winchester PDX1 Defenders. 1 oz slug mixed with 00 buck. Extra shells on the side of the stock.---Sturgis
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    I guess I am doing it wrong. I have a Winchester 1300 Defender, buckshot in the tube. It's locked it the safe in the basement. I sleep on the second floor with a M&P 45 on the nightstand. I like shotguns and use to be pretty good with them. It is just more convenient with the hand gun.
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    Cruiser ready, tube full, chamber empty.

    We've done a lot of ammo testing in the past year 8 pellet 00 is much better than 9, that 9th pellet is always a flyer in my experience. Federal Flight Control 8 pellet is magic. I haven't been able to try the other Flight Control offerings, but hear they are magic too.
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