What options do you have, if any, on your home defense shotgun? - Page 2

What options do you have, if any, on your home defense shotgun?

This is a discussion on What options do you have, if any, on your home defense shotgun? within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by Struckat The poll does not have no accessories as an option. Good point! I should have thought of that. My bad....

View Poll Results: What accessories do you have mounted on your home defense shotgun?

63. You may not vote on this poll
  • Red dot optic

    4 6.35%
  • Weapon mounted light

    26 41.27%
  • Sling

    23 36.51%
  • Side saddle shell (ammo) holder

    34 53.97%
  • Magazine tube extension

    23 36.51%
  • Barrel clamp

    5 7.94%
  • Other

    18 28.57%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: What options do you have, if any, on your home defense shotgun?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Struckat View Post
    The poll does not have no accessories as an option.
    Good point! I should have thought of that. My bad.
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    Extended magazine tube seems the most obvious. Going along with the theory that more ammo is never bad, a side saddle seems like an easy add on. The problem arises when it comes time to reload during a violent home invasion.

    Lights can be a good tool, if one is practiced in the pros and cons.

    Everything else is lipstick.
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    My shotguns are for grouse and turkey hunting, so they are as they came out of the box. One, the 20ga, is loaded with #4 buck, but is not the primary.
    I am not going to drag a long gun in and out of the safe every day. And if things get so ugly that I need to get to a long gun, I will pick a short long one in 6.8mm.
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    Mossberg retrograde, no accessories.

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    What accessories do you have mounted on your home defense shotgun?

    My HD shotgun is a double barrel 12 ga. The only accessory is a 5 round ammo sleeve on the butt stock.
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    Mossberg 500 - 20" bbl - 9 shot tube - sling
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    Mossberg 500, 20", 7+1.
    Heat shield because my fingers and/or thumb contacts the hot barrel.
    Ghost ring sight. Came with the heat shield. Conveniently zeroed at 50 yards with my slugs.
    Six shell side saddle.
    Mag tube clamp of pic rail. Mount for light, locks the heat shield in place, and mount for sling.
    Six 00 in 7 round tube, six slugs on the side. First and subsequent rounds are dealers choice for 00 or slug.

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    IF... I were to use a shotgun for HD I would use my plain jane wood furniture Winchester model 1200 in 20 ga. No accessories mounted on it. My primary "long gun" for HD would be my AR pistol with my primary HD handgun being my Glock 30. This is just what works for me in my experience. Your mileage may vary!

    * I didn't participate in the survey because there was no option for a plain shotgun (other didn't seem to fit).
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    Benelli M1S90:

    Extended Mag
    Buttcuff Extra Ammo
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    Voted OTHER.....Not added but comes with a factory 2 round speedfeed buttstock.

    I have a nickel finish RIA M5 12 gauge. Not my primary HD weapon. No accessories added.

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    Mossberg 500, 20" barrel. I just have a SureFire flashlight clamped to the barrel.
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    I've got several scattered throughout the house, and they're all stock - without anything except dust.

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    Nine grandchildren, five great-grandchildren, so I have some difficulty in recent years just keeping firearms on hand. They seem to migrate away to the kids' homes somehow.

    Only shotgun I have left is a Remington 870 'Sportsman 12' model, about 40 years old now. Plain walnut stock, matte finish, 12 Ga. 3" chamber, 21" vent-rib barrel with Rem-Choke system. I added a sling years ago because I like having a sling in the field.

    Around the house it is kept with a full magazine of 2-3/4" heavy field loads of BB-shot (roughly 90 pellets of .17-.18 caliber lead balls), chamber empty, action cocked, safety engaged, Improved choke tube. To deploy the shotgun requires hitting the slide release, racking the slide to chamber a round, releasing the safety (faster to do than to explain, and 50 years experience with the 870 makes it next to automatic for me). No need to worry about penetrating multiple frame walls. Longest distance inside my home is less than 40 feet, so I doubt that the recipient would notice much difference between 1-1/4 oz. of BB-shot and an equal dose of 00-buck.

    With the Modified choke the Remington is great for pheasants, chukar, ptarmigan, or small game. Add steel shot and a magazine plug and it works very well for geese and ducks.

    With the Hastings Extra-Full Turkey Choke this shotgun has won every turkey shoot it has been to, and done so with several other people shooting it. At my club's annual turkey shoot they got so tired of my gun winning they insisted on one round in which everyone gets to use my shotgun.

    About as close as I can get to an ideal all-around shotgun!


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    I didn't read carefully enough.

    I try to select a shotgun with major "add-ons" already factory installed.

    My personal add-ons are: shorter LOP stock, light, side-saddle shell holder and sling. Slings are very important in weapon retention, unless you're the Hulk kind of shooter.
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    My HD shotgun is set up just the way I got it 18.5" barrel, Side saddle, WML, speed feed stock, and sling.
    It spent 10 years as a long gun in a squad car before it came to me.

    It serves multiple purposes so it may be set up different than some.
    The side saddle carries 6 extra 00 rounds brass up due to a lesson learned with lost rounds in a corn field. The Speed Feed holds 4 slugs.
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