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Which .22 rifle for survival, practice, hunting, etc.?

This is a discussion on Which .22 rifle for survival, practice, hunting, etc.? within the Defensive Rifles & Shotgun Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by G26Raven I am considering the purchase of a .22 rifle to use for a variety of purposes. I want something that could ...

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  • CZ455 (many variants) bolt action

    8 15.38%
  • Henry Big Boy

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  • Ruger 10-22

    30 57.69%
  • Ruger American Rimfire bolt action

    3 5.77%
  • Other?

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Thread: Which .22 rifle for survival, practice, hunting, etc.?

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    Quote Originally Posted by G26Raven View Post
    I am considering the purchase of a .22 rifle to use for a variety of purposes. I want something that could be used as a survival rifle, hunting rifle (turkeys, rabbits, squirrels), and practice rifle. I will almost certainly put a scope on it. I've narrowed it down to four different possibilities:

    CZ455 bolt gun (there are a number of variants)
    Ruger 10-22 (many variants)
    Henry Big Boy
    Ruger American Rimfire bolt gun

    I am looking for suggestions/recommendations with specific reasons as to why you might suggest a particular brand/model.
    When you say "survival," I'd have to go with a bolt action. Bolt actions tend to be less finicky to dirt, etc. Either the CZ or a Ruger. I had a CZ 452 for a while, and it was a fine gun.

    Now whether you'll ever be in a "survival" situation is another question....

    As for the 10/22, it's fine for an all-around utility plinker. I do, however, think you'll have better accuracy out of the box with the bolt action.

    For the Henry, it's a fine, well balanced and handy little 22. Quite accurate (at least mine is). But with "survival" being thrown in the mix of requirements, I'd choose the bolt action.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stevew View Post
    I have a 510. Such a great trigger. It is as accurate as any 22 I have. I have a cheapo scope on it and can shame some modern 22s.
    Those ol' 500 series bolt-action Remington models have a way of sneaking up on new .22 rifles, displaying as good or even better accuracy.

    I have no real reason to know this to be so, but I've long held the opinion that Remington barrels back in the day were more accurate on average than most. This is coming from a vintage Winchester fan.

    I've got a scope and mounts on hand that I keep intending to put on the Model 511 here which has the later factory grooved receiver for tip off mounts, just to see what it can do off the bench rest. It possess a particularly wonderful trigger and displays accuracy possibilities that are likely far beyond the capabilities of the basic open sights with which the rifle is equipped.

    I keep thinking I'll go down the road of the custom, trick, accurized 10/22, but haven't gotten around to it either. Like you Steve, I'm not as enamored of the basic design as a starting point. For one thing, strangely enough I like almost any other repeating gun design more than I do the semi-automatic. Also, I got a sour tasted in my mouth years ago through observing a 10/22 in action on a number of occasions. It was trouble-prone and not too accurate, even considering its factory sighting equipment. Even 40 years ago I was decrying things aluminum alloy receivers.

    There's a rest of story though on that 10/22 of old.

    It's owner was frustrated with it as well. Of a hot-headed bent, I witnessed him throw a 30-round magazine, factory or aftermarket I can't now recall, as hard as he could against the side of a bank vehicle we'd used to drive out for some shooting one afternoon after work, back when he and I were young bankers. Was a real display of immature lack of control. Didn't do the magazine or the vehicle's paint work any good.

    So ... looking back, it might not have been fair for me to judge 10/22's based on one rifle, which may have suffered abuse I never saw.

    Anyway a few years back, I was getting pretty close to grabbing a new 10/22 off the rack at a gun shop, WalMart, or where ever the best deal could found and embarking on a hobby to remake it. Still sounds like fun.

    As things turned out at the time, I stumbled upon a 10/22 at a gun show where I was doing overnight security and made a deal on it before the show even opened. It's a very early one with serial number below 3000 so probably dates to late 1964/ early 1965. That fact, along with it's "as new" condition attracted it to me as a "semi' collectible. I'm such a sucker. Some shooting experience with it finds that it occasionally hangs up just as that fellow's 10/22 was doing back about 1980. I ain't throwing things because of it though.

    It isn't a candidate for customization for it's got all the very 10/22 early characteristics. Can't even scope it for that would leave the merest scuff marks on the top of the receiver. So, it just gets careful "exercise" from time to time and I learned about the design and appreciate it for what it is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldChap View Post
    @bmcgilvray Thanks for the photos. I had completely forgotten those little "beauties." I had a 512 that we inherited, but a family member wanted to trade a 510 for it and I agreed. I sort of regret it, but the little 510 is just as functional. It makes a wonderful trainer for the kids. My 510 looks about like yours - maybe a little worse. Maybe one day I'll get busy and do a little restoring.
    Thanks OldChap. There is life in the firearms world outside the "new and improved."

    Back in December while on a deer hunt I took a quick photograph of the Model 510 I have beside the one that I grew up shooting. The rifle's still around. It was my uncle's back then in the 1960s, now belonging to my favorite "huntin' cousin" who I grew up with and who is all of five days younger than I am, something he never fails to rub in.

    The Venetian blind cord "sling" has been on the rifle all of my life and is still serving. It'd be sad if it ever breaks or my cousin was to remove it. He's as sentimental as I am though so isn't likely to make that severe alteration.

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    I picked up a bolt action Remington 581S in great shape in a pawnshop some years ago that was the best $85 I ever spent! It is without a doubt the most accurate .22 I have ever owned! As a bonus it shoots shorts, longs, or LR very well!
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    Big fan of Ruger 10/22. However you listed survival . Bolt gun just has few things to go wrong And the Ruger American is a tough one.
    Yes Taurus really does suck. But in fairness they sure turned it around fast on warranty repair. Time will tell

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    For "practice/training" we have a S&W M&P 15-22. It's the same form factor as our AR15s so it makes an excellent rifle to introduce newcomers to the AR platform. And we shoot it all day long without going broke on ammo costs! It is also more friendly when we're shooting at an indoor range. We really like it a lot.

    As for 22 cal I'm thinking our next gun purchase might be the Ruger Precision Rimfire.
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