What Age Should Children Be Taught Firearms Safety?

What Age Should Children Be Taught Firearms Safety?

This is a discussion on What Age Should Children Be Taught Firearms Safety? within the Featured Topics forums, part of the Welcome To DefensiveCarry.com category; At what age do you feel that children should be taught about firearms safety? How would you start?...

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Thread: What Age Should Children Be Taught Firearms Safety?

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    What Age Should Children Be Taught Firearms Safety?

    At what age do you feel that children should be taught about firearms safety?

    How would you start?
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    As soon as they're curious about guns

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    Depends on the kid. My nephew is 25 years old and I wouldn't trust him with a sharp stick. Some kids are ready in their early teens, some never are ready. Brains develop at different rates and one of the last things to develop is our ability to control our anger and understand consequences of our actions. This typically doesn't fully develop until our 20s. People with anger issues or lacking self control shouldn't be around weapons.
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    I think that it depends on the child. That being said, once a child has the concept of right and wrong and can focus on learning would be a great start!
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    There is no definitive age. As soon as reasonably possible. Although teaching firearms safety and learning to shoot don't always go hand in hand.
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    As soon as they are ready. Mine started learning at about 3 and shot for the first time around 5. Others I would not start till mature enough to handle it. It is never too early to start educating about safety.
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    Started both my kids on BB guns as soon as they could cock them. Graduated to pellet and 22's by age eight. But then again that was late 60's and early 70's, and both felt obligated to do a service tour after HS. JMO, but from what I see these days, kids don't seem to have the same level of common sense and maturity now days so it's up to the parents judgment, and hope their right..

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    Quote Originally Posted by joker1 View Post
    There is no definitive age. As soon as reasonably possible. Although teaching firearms safety and learning to shoot don't always go hand in hand.

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    At what age do you teach them not to run with scissors or play with sharp knives? it's no different than anything else there a chance a child could hurt themselves with. We childproof our houses, kitchen cabinets, electrical outlets, knives, dangerous chemicals, etc. soon as the child is old enough to understand if there are things that can hurt them and they shouldn't touch them that's when you should start with a firearm safety. Both my sons were torn it up very early age and the same approach has been applied to my granddaughters.
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    I've been teaching kids firearms safety for almost 30 years. Never too early to teach safety. Firearms handling is a different story. Age and maturity play a major role in when to start and the progression of the lessons.

    Cornered Cat has some good information on her website about when and how to teach kids about firearms safety.
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    Regardless if you are actively teaching or not, your children will learn about guns just how they learn a lotnof other things.

    By watching you, the parent.

    Our children have watched us with our guns more times than I can count.

    They have watched good gun handling every time we have handled guns.

    We started actively teaching them at every moment. From don't touch to the rules of gun safety before they could even talk.

    As far as actually getting them shooting, it depends. My oldest fired his 1st shots at age 7.

    My daughter, currently 4...we will see. I can see her maybe shooting earlier.

    It all depends.

    But as to what age, you need to start as early as possible.

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    As soon as possible. Teach them a gun is not a toy it can be very dangerous or deadly. If they do something they shouldn't do with a firearm let them know instantly, don't coddle them.

    I started shooting BB guns around age 4-5. Started shooting .22's by age 6. 20 gauge at age 8 and by the time I started waterfowl hunting at age 10 I was using my grandpas old Mossberg 12 gauge pump action.

    However, some children simply do not have the right mindset to handle firearms that early. But the earlier you can start to teach a child serious responsibility the better off that child will be.
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    Gun safety can be taught as soon as they understand the concept of a 'gun'. At a very early age (toddlers) it's enough to tell them not to touch real guns. As they grow older you can progressively teach more.

    Gun handling is a different matter. I don't let them touch guns until I can trust them with a knife.
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    My kids learned watching the family get ready and out hunting at a early age. They were allowed to shoot as young as 5-6 if they wanted to.
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