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Getting Started With Self Defense

This is a discussion on Getting Started With Self Defense within the Featured Topics forums, part of the Welcome To category; I believe it all begins with mindset. I feel that there is a mental methodology that is closely related to personal safety. All the gear ...

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Thread: Getting Started With Self Defense

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    I believe it all begins with mindset. I feel that there is a mental methodology that is closely related to personal safety. All the gear in the world wont do you much good if you don't have the mental grit and fortitude to act and act properly when the time comes. When I say properly I mean "measured" , "controlled deliberateness". The first time you think and come to terms with what you are willing to do in x y z circumstance doesn't need to be in that millisecond after bad deeds have happened. When people ask me how they should begin, I tell them to find a reputable tactical school that offers a force on force element to their training and start taking classes. There are a couple of good books that I recommend one is the book of 5 rings and the other is meditations on violence. Most people learn best by "doing" so getting to a school is paramount in my estimation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DefensiveCarry View Post

    What advice would you give someone just getting started with self defense?

    Would you advise them to get specialized training at their local shooting range? Why? Why not?

    Could they get started with the basics by simply going to the range with an experienced friend or family member? Why? Why not?

    Would you advise more than just firearms training? What about other weapons?
    There are great responses here. I would like to approach it from a different direction. You know those movies where our hero punches the bad guy and he doesn't flinch? Then all of a sudden you see reality dawning on the good guy (think Bruce Willis). My point is that as far as pistols go, they are not the be-all and end-all of weapons. FBI numbers (and these can be backed up by using simple math the next time you hear monthly or annual numbers from Chicago) indicate that 6 of 7 of those shot with a pistol (85%) survive. Even if they don't, they often live long enough to finish what they started. IOW, don't be overconfident about having this new super power. The more you realize this, the more you understand how it is best to avoid the problem in the first place, if at all possible.
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    At age 61 I decided to buy my first handgun for self defense. I had a friend take me shooting and really liked it. So I purchased a Ruger SR40C and then decided, I need some training. Groupon had a deal for a basic Handgun 101 with range time and a follow up CHL Class (Not at the same time). The woman teaching the class was. So about 3 Months later I am holding my Texas CHL. I realize my shooting skills are WANTING. So I call the trainer and she offers me a really good deal on Two Hour Training Sessions (one on one). Best money I ever spent.Getting Started With Self Defense-g17-01-09-2016-c-2-.jpg
    10 Shots in 10 seconds @ 15 yards This is about what I am up to in marksmanship.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Poppy42 View Post
    Self defense is a state of mind. You can be the best shot in the world and it might not help you want to self-defense situation if you don't have the proper mindset. I know that might not necessarily answer the Ops questionbut as far as I'm concerned The types and kinds of training differs between individual. Start with the basics and advance at your own pace and needs. That's the best advice I can offer
    "Proper mindset".... I am attending a concealed carry class today, that's going to be my guide. Thank you.
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