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Why did you start carrying?

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Thread: Why did you start carrying?

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    Why did I start carrying?

    Extended range.
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    I used to carry a cop, but I developed back problems.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ghost tracker View Post
    Been a firearm fan since birth. On my launch date (the day I was born) my maternal Grandfather ("Daddy Mac") bought for me a lifetime NRA Membership. He did the same for ALL his male grandchildren, along with teaching all of us gun-safety, proper shooting techniques/skills across hand/long guns, providing "loaners" until we hauled enough hay & mowed enough grass to buy our own. At which time the loaner returned to him to keep until my younger cousins grew sufficiently qualified to take the next loaner home.

    So my introduction to the shooting sports was generationally engraved. That eventually lead to NCAA collegiate rifle & handgun bullseye competition. I packed guns through the woods, the game bird meadows & just about...everywhere (ahhhh, the rural life).

    When carrying a concealed handgun in polite society became a reality, it was a natural evolution. No different, in my mind, than ALWAYS having a sharp pocket knife tucked in my overalls.

    I wish for EVERY young person (male and female) to be blessed with mature, level-headed, skilled, responsible family members who'll delight in sharing our sport. And now? The "sport" can ensure the continued personal safety OF those generations. Thanks Daddy Mac!
    This post made my day. Thanks for sharing.
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    None of your business
    Why do you need to know? Who are you anyway?
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    We've had a pistol in the night stand since the late 70s but never carried. About 5 years ago during the economic slow down, my company was doing poorly and I often had to work late at my factory. The factory is isolated and I purchased an additional revolver to keep at my office when I worked late. One evening around 7:30 while working late, I went to a nearby gas station to get a snack. For some reason, I just had a feeling that I should bring my handgun. I returned for the store and got out of my truck leaving my pistol on the console and drink in the cup holder. When I reached back into the truck to get the drink, I had a very strange feeling that someone was behind me. I swung around with revolver pointed. There was a man who had come out of the woods rapidly approaching me. He was about 30 feet away with something in his left hand that looked like a pipe.....but not certain. When he saw my revolver pointed at his chest, he bolted.

    Wife and I immediately signed up for CC classes and have carried ever since.
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    I live about 2 minutes away from my old place of employment. I was walking home one day, and this man in his 30's approached and shoved me backwards. About a year before this, i was hospitalized due to a severe motorcycle accident. I have a titanium rod in my right leg, held by a bolt going into my hip joint and 1 screw just above my knee. When he shoved me, it busted the screw in my leg, and caused immense pain. He beat me bad, to the point where i spent 3 days in the hospital again, and had to get surgery for my busted screw. He's currently incarcerated due to that, but i don't want to be helpless ever again. He could have killed me, and apparently at the time, he was high on Meth. Never again.
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    When i left the military (Army) 29 years ago i never thought about carrying or about weapons at all for many many years. But then i had a bad accident and i can walk but i can no longer run. Without getting too into the medical stuff i have tons of medical challenges now. When i decided to do some traveling in my 5th wheel i thought it was time to consider my options for self defense on the road.

    I did some thinking and considered the challenges that i might face should something happen with my lessoned physical ability. Someone could probably try to take me on and push me around pretty good now days as i would not be able to physically fight back in the same way i would have before the accident.

    That turned into me buying my first pistol and my first rifle, taking a refresher class with the local range, and getting my CCW permit. Sometimes i dont carry if i am just going to the post office but anything can happen at any time i guess.

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    Intellectually, Iíve long understood and greatly valued the Second Amendment. I like to say that as with my children, I love all of my 10 Bill of Rights amendments equally. However, between birth and age 53 I held a gun exactly once, when I was a 12-year-old Boy Scout shooting my Scoutmasterís .22 rifle at cans on a tree stump. (I suppose now I must say I was a ďScout BSAĒ ó so please donít assume my gender.)

    The Bataclan/kosher supermarket massacre in Paris in 2015 crystallized the thought that if those f*ckers did something like that where I was, it might not be a bad idea to have a chance to survive that didnít require helplessly hiding under a seat or behind the canned soup aisle, praying I wouldnít be found.

    I signed up for the NRA basic pistol course. Of the eight people in the class, I was the only man and by far the least knowledgeable about guns. (Okay, now you can assume my gender.) Part of the class included holding handguns and cleaning one, and you might as well have asked me to hold a rattlesnake. I did pay attention, though, and at the range portion the next day, it turned out I wasnít a bad shot and it was a hell of a lot of fun. The instructor assigned to me was excellent, and I asked him if he would give me lessons every few weeks. He said yes, and over the next few months I had about 10 lessons. To give you a sense of how utterly clueless I was, it was at the third lesson that I asked him to show me how to load the magazines.

    Meanwhile, I applied for my carry permit, joined the NRA, joined the gun club thatís two minutes from my house, took the USCCA concealed carry course, and bought my first pistol. I had the bug, and subsequently Iíve taken an excellent 2-day Pat Goodale course and an amazing 3-day Tom Givens course, Iím signed up for another Tom Givens course as well as a Gabe White course over the next few months, I'm a sharpshooter in IDPA and have done about 10 IDPA matches, and my gun collection has grown to a number that is many multiples of what my wife thinks it is. I even have a shotgun now.
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    I posted my reasons way back but all 4 of my kids all have their CCW (well the oldest is a police officer so his CCW expired as he doesen't need it anymore). The other 3 have no real situations that caused them to start carrying other than the fact that they have been around guns most of their lives and have been taught the basics when I felt they were old enough that they could be responsible enough with them.

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    Good one!

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    Seemed like a good idea at the time...

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    I lived in Baltimore where only criminals have guns. I vowed I would never become a victim, so I moved to a State I could carry.
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    Because I can and to continue building a stronger relationship with my dad.

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    Too old to fight. Too old to run.
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    What anglertoo said: "Too old to fight. Too old to run." And I'll be damned if I am going to be a victim.
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