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If You Could Only Buy One Handgun

This is a discussion on If You Could Only Buy One Handgun within the Featured Topics forums, part of the Welcome To DefensiveCarry.com category; In keeping with the idea of one handgun for every scenario, which would also mean deeper concealment at times, Id have to go with a ...

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Thread: If You Could Only Buy One Handgun

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    In keeping with the idea of one handgun for every scenario, which would also mean deeper concealment at times, Id have to go with a G27.

    I choose it because, although its not the ideal deep concealment gun, it can be pocketed in the right pants, its small enough for regular concealment, but packs a big punch for other needs such as the outdoors, and has the best power/capacity/weight/size ratio in any caliber that ammo is readily available in no matter where you go.

    It can also morph in to a serious duty gun by using G23 or 22 magazines, and can also be made dual calibers with a barrel swap.

    And lastly, because of its extreme reliability, ease of maintenance, and easy to swap parts in that are readily available, as are accessories, it pretty much is the ultimate all round, one gun arsenal.
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    Glock 19 (preferably a Gen5)

    Runners up
    M&P Compact 2.0

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    I would probably pick the Gen 3, Glock-19.
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    My gen 2 LCP or a S&W Bodyguard .380.
    Will probably never need it, can carry it in my pocket & never be without it.
    All the rest I have are for...
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    Fun thread, if excruciatingly stressful to ponder.

    Quote Originally Posted by msgt/ret View Post
    For me it would be the S&W Model 27 Highway Patrolman 357Mag, the N-Frame really soaks up recoil and offers the option for loading softer shooting 38Spl.
    I'm going to copycat you msgt/ret. The big N-Frame .357 Magnum is a top choice for a do-it-all handgun where everything from self-defense to hunting, target, range, and plinking duties are considered. Durable, reliable, accurate, and and handles the very heaviest of .357 Magnum loads like "ridin' in a Cadillac." Can shoot economical .38 Special handloads for practice and for fun. It is a six-shot "repeating" firearm (well ... some later renditions hold more rounds), even if its ammunition capacity is less than many want. Thing is, a person can positively influence a great many personal defense scenarios with a powerful 6-shot revolver.

    The .357 Magnum cartridge doesn't see a lot of regular use around here and my old favorite side arm is a Smith & Wesson Model 10 .38 Special, but if compelled to have only a single handgun, the N-Frame Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum would be the choice. Boy, how I'd mourn the loss of the 1911 guns though!

    Now, which barrel length to choose from out of the two on hand.

    6-inch ...

    ... or the 3 1/2-inch I've been playing around with for a few years now.

    The 3 1/2-inch is so tempting to consider, but that 6-inch can be a deer-gittin' daddy.

    Pork snacks. Taken by my favorite huntin' cousin's son season before last on a weekend we were all hunting together. In this instance he got a two-fer with his 6-inch K-frame Smith & Wesson Model 19 .357 Magnum. The 6-inch barrel does gen up some impressive performance in the game fields, a consideration for someone in my neck of the woods.
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    Yall got me thinking about a 357 I just missed last month.

    Smith & Wesson Model 586 Distinguished Combat Magnum .357 Mag.

    It was sold before I called the LGS. Sob..............
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    because after owning one for 35 years it has yet to fail in any way and always hits exactly what I aim at. Easy to carry too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kilowatt3 View Post
    Love the Valkyrie, but let's face it: If, for financial reasons, you could only buy ONE handgun for self-protection, it would not be a DW!
    I guess we all have different "for financial reasons" to only have one gun for self-protection. I would sacrifice in another area to have a quality firearm to protect my family.

    I enjoy reading this thread. Very hypothetical but fun!
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    If You Could Only Buy One Handgun
    The best I can narrow it down to is two. Sorry. For town and country, Gen 4 Glock 19 and Smith & Wesson Model 586.
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    Probably a Glock 23, buy then buy a conversion barrel and have a Glock 19, and eventually get a 32 barrel to have a .357 SIG.

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    Glock 19 Gen 5.

    Pull the trigger and it goes BANG. 15+1 times. Every time.

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    Purely for self protection?

    LCP, no contest, no question. It's like a long stick but with a slight bit more range.
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    Ive played this game for years.

    Ive you had asked me a year ago it would have been a 4 GP100 or 686. Since I got back into slide action again, specifically my Glock 43...I think Id get a Glock 32, cut the grip down to that of a Glock 33. Then get a 9mm conversion barrel. This would let me reload both 9mm and 357 Sig and consolidate to buying one caliber (.356 XTP, 124 and 147gr). It should cover everything from CC, to home defense to hunting whitetail and hiking defense.

    Good thing I dont need to make such a decision. My stable will stay a subcompact 9mm, 4 357 Magnum, 12 Gauge and 357 lever gun with side load gate. Anything else is just icing on the cake...
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    Tough, because I love my SR1911, but I'd probably have to go with my Shield 9mm. With 7-round magazine I've found I can make it work for pocket carry, which makes it a lot more versatile for CC. I consider it fully adequate for home defense too, and it's a good shooter.
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