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What Keeps You Coming Back To DefensiveCarry.com

This is a discussion on What Keeps You Coming Back To DefensiveCarry.com within the Featured Topics forums, part of the Welcome To DefensiveCarry.com category; I keep coming back to make sure @ RETSUPT99 is keeping the fire stoked. It gets cold and damp here in Plato's Cave without it....

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Thread: What Keeps You Coming Back To DefensiveCarry.com

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    I keep coming back to make sure @RETSUPT99 is keeping the fire stoked. It gets cold and damp here in Plato's Cave without it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cricket View Post

    Can you tell me what keeps you coming back to DefensiveCarry.com?

    Is it that you have ongoing questions? Is it friendships you have developed here or that you like helping others? Something else altogether?

    Is it my sunny disposition?

    What made you come back after you visited the first time?
    I like coming here because I can talk guns, ammo, tactics, etc with others that share the same interests, Without too much drama. Concealed carry is not my main focus, But it is an interest. And I have learned so many new things on this board.
    This is one of the best moderated forums that I read. I doubt I have ever raised the eyebrows of this mod staff here, but I have been asked to leave several other boards. And as long as I'm following the rules my opinions have not rubbed any of the mods here the wrong way.[ at least as far as I know!] Thank you for keeping the board as you inherited it. DR
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    Thumbs up coming back

    I frequent on a sporadic basis, as I can.
    I have been informed about many things that I questioned in the past, and for that, I am grateful.
    Of course, the gentle nudges from the members toward "know it alls" bring out the effectiveness and success of the
    posters themselves.
    Knowledge is power, and this site is one of the most powerful of all that I have seen.
    As an older, past 70, year old person, it is fantastic to see just how the older more experienced members take
    newbies under wings. I was an old man when I got here, but still appreciate the thoughts and help received.
    I could not buy some of the things I have learned here, and hopefully that will continue long after I am gone.
    Thanks to all! Tom in Oregon TKH
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    I tried several different forums and kept coming back here so I decided to join and have been very pleased. Everyone is very helpful, the wealth of experience is incredible and you can generally express an opinion and feel safe doing so. I’ve learned a lot and I’m even getting more comfortable posting/asking questions. Thank you to all that keep it running smoothly!
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    The wide range of knowledge from guys is sure great. I’m new so this is helpful to learn from
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    Theres a lot that keeps me coming back. Camaraderie, common interests, people sharing their wealth of knowledge and experience. The fact that I get quick answers to questions, without any negativity, even if my assumptions are wrong....

    One of these days I'll grow up, and be like the rest of the people here....
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    @JamesCC . Welcome aboard! Be sure and stop by the new member forum and introduce yourself...
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    The people here.
    Been around firearms for 50+ years & know ships from shinola compared to most here.
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    I have been a member since 2006. The fact that this forum has good moderation is why I come back. Early on, I thought it might get too crazy but most of those people left. If I want to argue on the internet, I would go to Facebook, you can agree with people there and still have a fight.
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    All the Christmas cards I get. I've got mountains of them I can resend!
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    I read in here a lot more than I post. Same with other forums. Info and trends, etc. Good to see it all from the perspective of a well moderated forum centered mostly on concealed carry rights.

    Plus I need to see if those who've disagreed with me in conversations about this or that aspect of things have come to their senses and now agree.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OldVet View Post
    All the Christmas cards I get. I've got mountains of them I can resend!
    I sent you a Christmas card shortly after joining the forum. I got squat back.

    But that is OK since it is better to give than to receive. Especially to someone who served. I know this is a little early (a LOT early) and a repeat of the first one I sent (get them by the dozen!) but no less sincere:

    Name:  Christmas card.jpg
Views: 60
Size:  55.5 KB
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    The coupons.
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    I always learn something new or something not considered.
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    I like it here for all the cool gun pictures.

    That and it scares the liberazis terribly.
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