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I don't recall, but here's a site.


It says 7 shims and I have .003-.010, so maybe I have them all. What I did, and may not work for you, is start with the die kissing the shell holder, add the .010 shim, and resize a case. Measure and adjust from there, replacing shims going up/down as needed.

I found resizing fired cases using the .004 shim works for me, converting 5.56 case needs the .003 shim to get to the desired size. With the .003 shim, the die will still touch the shell holder without a case. They are marked with notches corresponding to size. It won't help when the dis is mashing into the holder and needs more, but for .001 adjustments with a better mated die/shell holder they're nice.
Thanks @OldVet !