Match Barrels Worth The Cost? In this case.

Match Barrels Worth The Cost? In this case.

This is a discussion on Match Barrels Worth The Cost? In this case. within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I am deciding on a threaded barrel for my 320. Do y'all think match grade barrels are worth the extra expense compared to a a ...

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Thread: Match Barrels Worth The Cost? In this case.

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    Match Barrels Worth The Cost? In this case.

    I am deciding on a threaded barrel for my 320. Do y'all think match grade barrels are worth the extra expense compared to a a factory threaded barrel. The price difference in this case is about $90 more for the Faxon compared to factory.

    Probably the first question many of you would ask me is, "What is the purpose of the gun?"

    The purpose is recreational shooting, longer distance practice. Also, HD and carry. I shoot this pistol more than any other.

    So not really any reason that requires a match grade barrel but for $90 more, would it be better to just purchase the better option? Would I notice the difference?
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    A burned-out garbage barrel is still more accurate than I am in handguns, soooo...
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    A match-grade barrel helps me be less inaccurate with a handgun.
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    I run full length barrels in all my compact carry guns. Yes, it definitely enhances accuracy for me at longer distances.
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    I have a couple Faxon barrels, but on ARs. They are very good, quality, barrels.

    Will you notice the difference with a pistol? I know I won't primarily due to the type of pistol shooting I do, which is geared towards; SD, IDPA, and 3Gun. The distances are not long and a few .10"s in group size really don't matter. I've got a couple Les Baers and a CZ 75 Accu-Shadow Lite from the custom shop. All 3 have custom barrels and more importantly were custom fit by the shops. I still do just as well with one of my HKs or a M&P 5" pro model. I honestly don't know how much difference a drop in would make.
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    On my Glock 35 when I use the drop in KKM barrel I see a difference in accuracy, and its not a Match barrel just tighter chamber and conventional riffling.
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    Most handguns are way more accurate than the people who shoot them. If you are shooting National Match, or long range (for a handgun) hunting, I'd go for it. But for SD, I doubt it makes much difference. My first CC permit instructor is a police sgt., armorer and instructor. He quipped, "You don't want to be too accurate with self defense shooting. No sense in putting two bullets down the same hole!"

    BTW, there is a video of Jerry Miculek hitting a steel plate at 200 yards with a Bodyguard .380 on his first try. I am pretty sure it didn't have a match barrel.
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    $90 for better sights are going to give you more bang for the buck.
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    Also, HD and carry.

    If a tighter/closer tolerance chamber in a match grade barrel affects the feed & ejection of your H.D. & carry ammunition...then naturally you shouldn't.

    But, if your carry ammo feeds and ejects flawlessly then go for it.
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    I used to spend a LOT for match barrels for my 1911 (Clark Longslide) for NRA Bullseye competition. A new one every season. Sometimes more than one per season.

    Were they worth it? Yes and no. Yes, IF all the other things, mechanical, ammunition, and shooter, were perfectly matched, it made a difference that contributed to placing higher in match standing. How much? Hard to say.

    No, IF I had a bad day - drank one extra cup of coffee, caught a cold, didn't get my mental game on, the list was long, then I might as well have been competing with a shotgun.

    For a defensive or recreational pistol? No. IMHO anyway. They are just a gimmick to get you to spend more money. Most factory handgun barrels will outshoot 99.9% of all shooters - by a wide margin.
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