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Latest U.S. market leaders for semi-automatic pistol sales

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Thread: Latest U.S. market leaders for semi-automatic pistol sales

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    My handguns are all 1911 Rock Islands in .45ACP. They do Rock!!. No Tupperware guns here.

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    I am to good lookin to own a Glock

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    Quote Originally Posted by MYMOMSSON View Post
    Those numbers are cooked.
    All numbers are cooked and schemed within algebraic rules.
    There is a solution but we are not Jedi... not yet.
    We have deep thinkers and stinkers in this group that could come up with a solution...
    Buck the donkey

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    Quote Originally Posted by bmcgilvray View Post
    At number five is SCCY!

    Is it really pronounced "sky"?

    I thought it was some insignificant blip on the gunmaker radar. Shows how well I keep up.

    Even people who don't care for Glock have one. Glock is unique here for it's the only firearm I ever acquired despite disliking the brand and design.
    Quote Originally Posted by Talldog View Post
    Yes...yes, it is.
    When new, the company name was Skyy, an obvious infringement of the Skyy vodka trademark.

    In 1998, Joe Roebuck recognized the increasing demand for a safe, simple to use, and affordable firearm as a growing number of states enacted legislation to allow concealed-carry permits to law-abiding citizens. With more than four decades of experience in the manufacturing industry, Roebuck set out to apply his skills as a Tool & Die Maker and Mechanical Design Engineer to design the CPX series of 9mm firearms.

    September 2003, Roebuck founded Skyy Industries, LLC, (now known as SCCY Industries, LLC), to produce the innovative CPX line.
    They skated along unnoticed the first few years, until the vodka boys noticed, and slapped them down hard.

    The changed the spelling to avoid the infringement, but retained the pronunciation.

    I owned a series of several Skyy’s as the first two were replaced under warranty two or three times each, at which point they were both sold with full disclosure.

    Note the spelling on the box.

    They had nice ergonomics, and a low bore axis hence manageable micro 9 mm recoil. They just broke a lot.

    Some sports argued it was a Kel-Tec knockoff, but it had much better ergonomics. Mechanically it was apparently similar.

    That is when I began collecting Glocks. They never broke.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nifty View Post
    Sig vs Glock - I'm a little surprised. I thought everyone owned a Glock, even people who didn't have a gun owned a Glock.
    Agree, when I had twelve Glocks I had one Sig and maybe two HKs, but what surprises me is that Taurus had that many lemons out.

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