Decided to shoot only the 1911 today as its what I have been carrying the most as primary lately. From 5 to 20 yards always moving before drawing from concealment the way I carry, sometimes sideways, oblique angles and even running toward the target starting at 20 yards. One handed and two. The blue tape are my head shots that missed the silhouette but, still with the B-34 size silhouette I would still likely have hit a real head from those distances.
I don't know what you call it and I don't really care but, I see the target with the most clarity and just get a flash of front sight to fire both eyes open and using a weaver type stance mostly which is much more natural to me. I do not line up front and rear sights and in fact blacked out the rear 2 white dots because to me they are just unnecessary visual noise.
Practiced all while moving and drawing from concealment.-target.jpg
Practiced all while moving and drawing from concealment.-para-commander.jpg
Practiced all while moving and drawing from concealment.-para-expert-commander.jpg
As a person who has always resisted a carry gun with a safety I am pretty hooked on the SA system now. I shoot this gun much more instinctively than anything else. By that I mean it just doesn't take as much work to keep bullets on target.