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Would you loan your pistols/handguns to others?

This is a discussion on Would you loan your pistols/handguns to others? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by Shootnlead I don't understand the question...how do I "borrow" something to someone else? You have to reenginenglish it. Originally Posted by rlggray ...

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Thread: Would you loan your pistols/handguns to others?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shootnlead View Post
    I don't understand the question...how do I "borrow" something to someone else?
    You have to reenginenglish it.

    Quote Originally Posted by rlggray View Post
    Only if we were in a shootout with BGs.
    About my limit, except for standing right beside them at the range if I've already invited them to shoot it.

    Quote Originally Posted by retired badge 1 View Post
    Two grown sons, 9 grandchildren, 4 great-grandchildren and another on the way. I have more than enough trouble keeping my guns locked up in my safes. The word "borrow" has taken on a new meaning in my mind, no longer reflecting a temporary period of time.

    When the time is right (for me) I make gifts. Other than that the kids can argue all they want about who gets what when old "grampa" is gone.
    Aye. There's a section of my will where I spell these things out.

    However, there's a key in possession of a friend to whom I have lawfully pre-gifted, complete with papers, a few legal items which will remain in his or her possession until after everything goes through probate. Then and only then, I'm hoping he or she sees fit to give them to certain members of my family whom I'm hoping he would discern might want them.

    Quote Originally Posted by forester58 View Post
    Friends don't "borrow" guns.
    Quote Originally Posted by Shootnlead View Post
    I'm inclined to agree with forester58. In 40+ years of owning and being around guns, not once have I ever asked to borrow anyone's firearm and not once has anyone asked to borrow mine.

    I have had a couple of offers, though, such as when my father loaned me two firearms during my earlier years in the Air Force, as well as the time when a friend of mine asked me to go hunting with him one weekend and when I said, "I'd love to but don't have a rifle," he offered to loan me one of his.

    Offering and asking, however, are two different things. Technically, both firearms were on loan. Although I never asked to "borrow" them, their return was absolutely both imperative and fully understood. On both occasions, I thoroughly cleaned and lubed them immediately prior to their return.

    In my mind, that's substantially different than, "Hey, can I borrow your gun?"
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    I have one shooting/hunting/fishing buddy that I would loan a gun. We both have two yer old sons that are a week part so I spend a good deal of time at his place and vice versa. I see how he takes care of guns/tools. I am not really sure what kind of scenario would come up about borrowing one(other than hunting weapons). Maybe if he wanted to get his wife more serious about shooting and he wanted my Ruger MarkIII or a 9mm to take his wife to the range while I watched the boys? Probably not likely anyway.

    Never been in a position where someone wanted to borrow a handgun. If a buddy gets a new handgun, of course we want to shoot it but we plan a trip to the range to try it out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by soulless80 View Post
    I can see hunting rifles, but pistols/handguns? Why? A friend asked me if I could lend him one of my pistol. I asked why and he said, "for self defense..." I said no. Told him to go buy himself one. Sounded to me like he wanted to borrow one for self defense forever.
    He didn't want to borrow it, he wanted to own it.

    Now, I have given a 38 revolver to my sister in law as her home defense firearm. I offered it, she didn't ask to "borrow" it. She's shown herself to be proficient with a handgun at the range. And she carries a compact 22 auto in her purse, so she's ahead of my wife in that regard.
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    ETA: I'm not sure "loaned" is the right word but I have let people I was in training with try out a gun of mine because they were considering buying one. I have also tried out other people's guns under the same circumstances but I wouldn't loan someone a gun to be returned at a later date. That would actually be illegal in Colorado anyway.
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    I loaned my Sig 226 to some gentlemen I worked with overseas. We were not officially authorized to carry but considering where we were, the threat and what we were doing it was prudent.
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    Made that mistake many years ago, never again.
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    "Mine's in the gunsmith/manufacturer getting worked on." Maybe, if I had an extra one.
    At the range. With me there. Probably, as Havok said, if I have some confidence in their ability.
    "While I travel to xyz." Nope.
    The wife? After I see she can handle it ok and not knock herself out (see the many youtube fail videos). She might actually like to join me at the range, if we find a sitter for her mother.
    My brother in law? I know I could borrow one of his if I was to go hunting.
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    Depends on who it is. A couple years ago I let a co-worker borrow my P225 for two weeks so his wife could try it out.
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    Outside of family, I cannot see myself loaning any of my firearms to anyone. But I feels it’s my right if I wanted to.....

    Having said all that, I would certainly let some folks shoot my firearms at a range “with me”.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by MB53 View Post
    I loaned my small generator to a co worker to use on an Elk hunting trip. It took months to get it back and he returned it broken.
    I loaned my tent, EZ UP awning, sleeping bags, and Coleman stove & lantern to a friend to use for a weekend at the lake. Everything was abandoned and left behind when a thunderstorm blew in. He never replaced them.
    I loaned my travel trailer to a friend for a weekend so he could take his two kids on an RV camp out on their special weekend when he had custody from his recent divorce. When he returned it the electrical cable to the truck receiver had been severed and fixed with duct tape and the antenna was ruined. He never said anything about the damage or offered to pay for it.
    I loaned my acoustic guitar to a friend and when I got it back there was a big gouge across the top near the sound hole. When I brought it to his attention he said it was there when I loaned it to him and denied damaging the guitar. What an azz.
    Damn. With friends like that who needs enemies. It's experiences like this that convinced me to never casually loan anything to anyone.
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    No, I don’t care to loan anything out any longer much less a gun ~ oh heck no! If one was “loaned” it would have strings attached and this wouldn’t work out well for anyone. My personal guns have umbilical cords attached to my hip

    That being said, I have given guns away and received guns as gifts. Lots of guns in the world, if it’s a safe person you know well or family and you have plenty by all means just give them one of yours! Karma said you will get one even better back for it. 😃
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    Depends. The last one I "sold", I let a guy borrow it over the weekend first.

    I had someone let me borrow a shotgun once. I got invited to shoot skeet and didn't have one at the time.

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    I don't loan, car or truck, boat, guns, tools or wife, and not necessary in that order.

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    I let a friend borrow a 357 mag after he came across a wolf during archery. I had no problem doing so. He would let me park my camper in his yard during hunting season. You know who your true friends are.

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