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Any good reason not to buy a gun online?

This is a discussion on Any good reason not to buy a gun online? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I would prefer to buy from the local, family owned shops. I do feel a bit of guilt when buying online and the locals only ...

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Thread: Any good reason not to buy a gun online?

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    I would prefer to buy from the local, family owned shops. I do feel a bit of guilt when buying online and the locals only get a transfer fee. However, most of what I buy online is used, or not available at local shops. I will not order online if my guy has it in stock.

    I tried something a bit different on my last purchase from a GB listed gun. It was used, barely, and was a day from ending with no bids. The opening bid was what I considered a great price, and was afraid it would take off as the auction came close to ending. I contacted the shop listing the gun, and asked if he would be willing to sell over the phone rather than through GB. Reason being, he would have to pay both the GB fees as well as credit card fees if sold through GB auction. He agreed, ended the auction, and sold it to me over the phone for the opening bid price. While talking to him, he gave me the entire history of the gun, went over it with regards to condition, and shared info about the owner who brought it in for trade (why he traded it). It was worth a shot, and it paid off for both of us.
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    My son and I are going to the range tomorrow since he is a working man and I'm retired, but I couldn't wait to try out both my new guns so I went yesterday and ran a couple mags through both guns.

    I've had a revolver for 40+ years but have never owned, or even shot a semi-auto pistol before. Too much fun! My first target I shot 20 rounds with the 22 and 15 with the 9mm and noticed that everything was hitting the lower half of the target, so on the second target I adjusted my aim and did much better. I was shooting at 25 ft and I'm no marksman but every shot at least hit the target (12") and almost all of them were within a 6" circle. I didn't think that was too bad for my first time with these guns. Just about all the shooting I'd done previously was with 22's so I was anxious to see how the recoil was with the 9mm. It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it might be, and in fact I enjoyed shooting that one more than the 22.

    I met another old fart at the range who was there with 4 young bucks, all late teens early 20's. I think they were his grandsons. He said he brought the boys out to learn shooting as none of them had shot before. All the guns they were using had to be his and he had quite a collection. They were on the rifle range when I arrived so I'm not sure how many different rifles they had but it was at least three, and I think more. When they came down to the pistol range I was about ready to leave and he invited me to stay, watch and shoot some of his pistols if I'd like. Which was very generous of him, but I declined shooting any of his guns. I did stay and watch for a while though.

    I noticed he spread a tarp before they started and thought that was a good idea to help police the spent brass for easier cleanup, but he was doing it because he wanted the brass for reloading. He opened his cases and he had 4 different semi-autos and 3 revolvers. He's get a gun ready then send one of the kids up to the firing line. The first one up went though 15 rounds about as fast as he could pull the trigger, and I said "Man that's burning through some ammo in a hurry", and he said the kid thinks he's playing zombie apocalypse. They all seemed to be having a good time and the old guy was keeping a close eye on them.

    So tomorrow my son and I will be getting some range time in. I have about 400 rounds of 22 and 175 rounds of 9mm on hand. That should be enough to get some real practice I hope. I've been watching the Chris Sajnog videos on youtube and trying to incorporate what he teaches on one video about proper stance and another about proper grip.

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