The lightest .357 magnum revolver in the world...

The lightest .357 magnum revolver in the world...

This is a discussion on The lightest .357 magnum revolver in the world... within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Well, you might find a lighter one, somewhere, but probably not big name. what do you think? Pro's? Con's?

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Thread: The lightest .357 magnum revolver in the world...

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    The lightest .357 magnum revolver in the world...

    Well, you might find a lighter one, somewhere, but probably not big name.

    what do you think? Pro's? Con's?
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    Recoil sensitive need not apply...

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    An 11oz .357 Magnum? I'll pass.

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    I regularly carry 3-5 inch 1911s and the horrendous weight does not bother me. I have no desire for a lighter than air revolver that tries to break your wrist with each shot. For a snubby I will stick with a nice all steel J or K frame.
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    Iíve shot one; and while itís not a particularly pleasant experience with a full-honk magnum, itís not terrible with factory magnums.

    That being said, my magnum J-frame is an all steel 640 Pro.
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    I prefer to carry big heavy guns that soak up the recoil.
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    My 442 with 38+P is plenty to handle. At over 5yrds its not particularly accurate. I can't imagine that an 11oz 357Mag J frame is particularly fun to shoot and in high stress situations I can imagine folks shooting the ceiling with round 2-5.
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    I have the LCR in is very shootable...but that gun will not handle recoil like the, I will pass.
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    Nice gun, but I would not even think of shooting 357 loads from it. 15 rounds of 357 from a 2" SP101 was enough for me.
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    My LGS Owner carries one as his weak side BUG. It's frighteningly light. It feels like a toy cap-gun in your hand.

    I do think they are cool, but I'll stick with my K6S...

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    I have carried a 46 ounce revolver for 10 days straight backpacking every waking minute with no discomfort from weight (Good belt and holster of course). I don't get this feather weight stuff for a grown human being to pack all day. My flashlight, Leatherman and even my wallet weigh more than that gun. I just cannot take that revolver seriously at all. A featherweight 380 I understand but, no point in a featherweight magnum.

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    My buddy owns this revolver and I have shot it on numerous occasions, running both .38 spcl's and .357's through it. Shooting it it not as brutal as I initially thought it would be. I shoot J-frames a lot, so I have a leg up on how to grip a small revolver. Recoil was definitely sporty, but not unmanageable. I really like the 340 and it is on my short list of revolvers to purchase in the future.
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    ...not for the feint of heart...
    Also not for anyone who wants to not develop severe arthritis in their shooting hand!
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    Quote Originally Posted by since9 View Post
    Well, you might find a lighter one, somewhere, but probably not big name.

    what do you think? Pro's? Con's?
    I had one. They absolutely do not stand up to magnum shooting. Mine needed a new frame after an IDPA match, however, after 100 magnums in a morning my hands ached...
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    Over 40 years ago I selected a S&W Model 19 with 2.5" barrel (all steel medium frame) for police plainclothes work and off-duty. Being pretty young and ready to believe all the hype published in the gun magazines, I tried it out with factory .357 magnum ammunition. The recoil was fierce. The muzzle blast was punishing. The muzzle flash was beyond blinding, especially in low-light situations. Ejecting fired magnum cases with the short little ejector rod was difficult, if not impossible (sometimes requiring a dowel rod and mallet to remove the fired cases).

    I carried that revolver for over 10 years with good satisfaction, but always loaded with .38 Special +P ammunition.

    I also have a Model 37 S&W Airweight Chief (17 oz. empty) .38 Special. I always use standard velocity ammo (not +P) in that little critter. Recoil is sharp with standard ammo, painful with +P, and accurate shooting is very difficult with +P (especially follow-up shots after absorbing the first shock).

    Firearms manufacturers will make what the buying public wants, whether or not it is practical for the intended purpose. After 50 years of daily carry (24 years as a cop, 2 combat tours in Vietnam) I see nothing to be gained and a lot to be sacrificed with these ultralight mini-magnums.

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