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Big chain stores selling guns.

This is a discussion on Big chain stores selling guns. within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; At times the wife insists on buying groceries at WM. I don't bother checking their measly ammo or gun offerings any more....

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Thread: Big chain stores selling guns.

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    At times the wife insists on buying groceries at WM. I don't bother checking their measly ammo or gun offerings any more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scottync View Post
    At times the wife insists on buying groceries at WM. I don't bother checking their measly ammo or gun offerings any more.
    I was in WM a couple of weeks ago and the ammo shelves were stuffed full. Every caliber was available. So much for not carrying ammo anymore. I don't know if they're cleaning out the warehouses to fill the shelves or if no one is buying it, but they had a ton. And no one was looking at it.
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    I still try to support the LGS as much as possible but I have been turned off by the terrible customer service and they often never seem to have what I'm looking for. I've walked out more than once with cash in my pocket because no one bothered to give me the time of day. That aspect has gotten some better but I heard the "Oh I guess we don't have that" again just tonight on my way home. So I usually end up waiting for Midway to offer free shipping over $50 and go that route.

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    We have a "Neighborhood Walmart" about a mile from the house. It is a grocery store, we go there all the time. The Wal mart super center on the other side of town not so much. I buy most my ammo on line or at Sportsman's warehouse. My LGS doesn't carry much ammo.

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    - I like walmert for ammo
    - LGS sometimes have this yocal 'only game in town' attitude/ego
    - which is why big box dominates amaerica: customer service

    - I do order ammo from online and deliver to LGS, they charge like $5 an order
    - will be interesting to see how things develop...


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    I agree completely....the small shops go the extra mile to make you a customer and keep you as a customer....I HATE WAL-MART! Ever since Sam died his kids have run it into the ground in the name of their profits at the expense of their employees and us....the customers!
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    I buy guns at gun stores and get my ammo there when I can. I do get some at Rural King if Iím on that side of town. I try not to give Rural King to much of my money. They put on a good front about being very Pro 2a (and I think they are for the most part) but the fact that they donít let their corporate employees carry seems like a conflict to me.

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    I buy ammo mostly online nowadays. Used to buy some at Walmart because of pricing. I am pretty disappointed with their latest policies on guns and ammo so don't bother with them in that regard anymore. There is a new Academy Store here that is much better anyway.
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    About 15 years ago, through some cajoling from a buddy, I ended up buying an 870 from Dicks. Coupon + sale price + poor judgement. After very little use it ceased being dependable in cycling spent shells and chambering a new one from the tube. Around that same timeframe I had the good sense to stop duck hunting. That 870 sits in the back of the safe in need of repair.

    What happened, I believe, was that I was experiencing the loss of quality focus on the part of Remington. However, subconsciously I became convinced that big box stores are receiving something a little less than 100% quality from some manufacturers. Right or wrong, logical or otherwise, I believe that Iím buying a better firearm from my LGS and so they get the business. At minimum, take a look at the grain of a wood stock at Bass Pro and then look at the same model in your LGS. It ďseemsĒ to me that the LGS will a better looking piece of wood. Illogical? Maybe. But it helps keep my local guys in business and I sleep better.

    Internet sales arenít my thing. I bought an old Single Six from a member here. I think thatís it... Bulk ammo prices are hard to pass up from Lucky Gunner but normally Iíll spend more, in cash, for a local buy. In fact, cash is the way most of my related purchases are made. It just seems like a crisper deal that way ;)
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    I haven't set foot in a walmart, or on their website in well over a year now. For ammo, unless it's an oh crap I need more while at the range, it'll be the BX here on base. Last time I was in, I priced hollow points for my EDC. $5 cheaper than Cabelas, and $10 cheaper than at the range. For guns, I'll window shop at Cabelas, and then order online, and have it sent to a local pawn shop. They've always treated me good, don't mind me coming in to drool over one thing or another, and always get good conversations when I stop in. Out of my next gun buys, I'll probably order 1 or 2 from them, and the rest online. Throw a bit of profit their way.

    Every place else here wants MSRP, and I'm not willing to do that very often, when I can save quite a bit ordering from Buds or grabagun. Ammo may be the next thing I go to online for. Not that I hold it against the ranges for them wanting to make a profit, but if they truly wanted to make sales, they might consider dropping the price a little bit. I'd buy from them if they lowered a bit, even if it wasn't as low as I can get online.

    I realize they have to make a profit, but asking for MSRP now days when you can order it online for so much less, pay the transfer fee, and still save enough to buy 2-8 boxes of ammo isn't that hard of math. I figure that the majority of sales they make must be from 1st time buyers, or people that don't realize how much of their money can be saved this way. I want to buy local, but when you're talking a price difference of $100 or more, I don't think it takes much to figure out the way to go to maximize your purchasing power.
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