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Would/Does being limited to 10 rounds impact your carry caliber choice?

This is a discussion on Would/Does being limited to 10 rounds impact your carry caliber choice? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; My last edc was a 9+1 Beretta 70 in 32 auto. I also owned a Italian copy in .380 that used the same mags but ...

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Thread: Would/Does being limited to 10 rounds impact your carry caliber choice?

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    My last edc was a 9+1 Beretta 70 in 32 auto. I also owned a Italian copy in .380 that used the same mags but only held 8+1. What made me carry the Beretta was not the capacity but the fact that I could shoot the 32 acp better, more accurately and faster. With one reload I carried 19 rounds.
    Currently I carry a J frame with only 5 rounds. I don't feel under gunned with that either. I do carry 5 extra rounds on a strip. But I don't think they will come into play in a SD shooting. DR
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    Even if I had a 10 round 357 magnum revolver, I wouldn't carry it, it would be too pudgy.

    I'm satisfied with my five shot sp101 and a speed strip.
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    With few and rare exceptions, the guns I've carried for personal defense have never had more than 8+1 capacity. The list includes 1911s, a Sig 220 and S&W Shield in .45, a couple of compact 9mms, and J-frame sized revolvers. I've always carried spare ammo. Being limited to 10 rounds or less has not been a determining factor for me, so far.
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    Quote Originally Posted by simonp67 View Post
    ...shot placement is more important than having the biggest bullet out there...
    If you practice, it really wouldn't matter if there were a magazine restriction (to 10 rounds – anything more than five, anyway).
    Even if facing more than one BG, accurate placement should trump both magazine capacity and bullet diameter.
    You could also rely upon most felons being usefully intimidated, once you have caused the injury or death of a partner-in-crime...or two.
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    Can't be too concerned with 10-round limitations. The guns of choice here all have smaller capacity than that.
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    Comments Don't Seem to Be From Target Audience

    I think the OP original question was for those gun owners who regularly carry handguns with standard capacity magazines >10 rounds, ie. Glock 19, Beretta 92, or SIG P320, with a 15-round mag of 9mm. Would they switch to a Glock 23, Beretta 96, or Glock 21 if limited to 10 rounds?
    The preponderance of people answering the question are gun owners who already carry a 1911, revolver, or single stack 9mm therefore they have previously made that decision and a magazine restriction would not significantly affect them.
    The crux of the question is: for some people, does capacity trump caliber? (Well, I don't care if I can't shoot big holes, I can just shoot more holes.)
    If so, if capacity is therefore eliminated would they then change caliber? (Well then, if I can't shoot lots of holes, I want the holes I shoot to be bigger.)

    I live in a mag restrictive state and yes, it has affected my decision. I will carry a .40 cal (or .357 SIG) about half the time. The other half I carry a small Kahr CM9 due to my clothing options or non permissive environment or a P99C because...it's got a great trigger and it's a Walther!
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    I have made it a goal to purchase a few 10 rd mags for my common "high-capacity" guns, like the 92, 226, and P89. Still working on the 5906. My '94 production CZ-85B came with one Hillary mag when purchased in '99.
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    I don't think so. To my mind, the balance is between good ballistics (more consistent effect) and low recoil (for easier follow-up shots). The former affects every shot, the latter every shot but the first. Capacity has no impact until it's time to reload; and if you have ten rounds, I think it's pretty unlikely to come into play at all.

    For myself, I've recently found that my accuracy isn't measurably better with my 9mm's versus my G23 in .40, so I've usually been carrying that. It could be completely different for other people with other guns, of course, but I'd maintain that the important consideration is ballistics vs practical accuracy.
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    Recently I've been carrying a Glock 21SF, prior to that a Glock 23 - I do not live under a 10 round limit.
    Under a 10 round limit I would not carry either of those pistols, they were designed to hold more than 10, sticking a 10 round mag in them is totally unacceptable.
    Under a 10 round limit Glock 30SF would be 1st pick without a doubt; 2nd pick one of these: Glock 26/27/33/29/38 - nothing originally designed for more than 10. (Principle)
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    No difference for me.
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    My 380 currently holds less than 10 rounds, so no changes for me.

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    For me, magazine capacity is not a factor is selecting a CC firearm.

    E.g., for carry, I prefer a flush 9-round magazine in my Glock 30. If I carry a back-up magazine, it is a 10-round mag.

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    If I was restricted to 10 round magazines, I'd still carry my Sig P229.
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    Would/Does being limited to 10 rounds impact your carry caliber choice?


    My snub limits me to 5 rounds, so a 10 round limit would require me to carry a pair.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheGurgeMan View Post
    I carry a 43x with a 10 round magazine and a spare with me. Currently it would make 0 difference. Do I wish to keep the option however of having more rounds? Yes
    Loving my 43X!!! AIWB it disappears and is very comfortable to me. The Shield Arms 15 round magazines are getting great reviews by those who have gotten them check out the YouTube videos.
    Those are my principles, and if you don't like them.....well, I have others.

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