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Would/Does being limited to 10 rounds impact your carry caliber choice?

This is a discussion on Would/Does being limited to 10 rounds impact your carry caliber choice? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Not really. While I do carry double stack 9MM from time to time I also carry a 6 shot 357 Magnum or a 7 shot ...

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Thread: Would/Does being limited to 10 rounds impact your carry caliber choice?

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    Not really. While I do carry double stack 9MM from time to time I also carry a 6 shot 357 Magnum or a 7 shot 1911. I carry dependent on many factors and amount of ammo per loading really isn't one of them as long as there are at least 6 shots.
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    Would/Does being limited to 10 rounds impact your carry caliber choice?

    Yes, it very well could, but it would be dependent on which of my handguns I had planned to carry, I have several with 10+ magazine capacity. Even so, I don't ever want Government mandating which it will be.
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    Ö..any and all restrictions are a concern to me and should be to U.
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    I think for those of us that remember and lived thru the 90ís Brady Bill law, we all saw a common theme.

    And it seemed that when capacity was limited, people tended to gravitate towards larger calibers.

    Also, service sized guns like the G17/22 ceased to make sense for carry, and the G26/27 became very popular.

    As for me, then and now, with an autoloading pistol, any capacity issue can be solved in a second with a spare mag.
    But for the most part, itís not something I place a priority on.

    But like others, I want the choice.
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    I normally carry 1911s so depending on caliber it varies from 7-10 +1 in the chamber.
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    No it would have no effect on my CC. But I do not support such a silly limit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AnthonyC View Post
    I live in a mag restrictive state and yes, it has affected my decision. I will carry a .40 cal (or .357 SIG) about half the time. The other half I carry a small Kahr CM9 due to my clothing options or non permissive environment or a P99C because...it's got a great trigger and it's a Walther!
    Sounds like clothing & concealment is more the determining factor than capacity for you.

    For me, the answer is no. My primary carry guns are a 10-rd .45 G30, a 12-rd 9mm 6906, and on occasion, an 8-rd .45 4566. If laws eliminated the the 6906 mags, I'd simply carry one of the others or buy something different, possibly in the same 9mm caliber. I just never could get into caliber requirements or arguments.
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    I don't worry about capacity. I carry a Compact 9 with it's 15+1 only because it's the gun I own that I shoot the best. I wouldn't have any problem carrying my Shield 9 instead if I shot it as well, but I don't. I really like the way the Compact feels in my hands.
    My next purchase will probably be a Compact in .45 just because I already have three 9mm's and want to try something different while hoping it will feel as good to me as the Compact 9. Whether I'd make it my carry gun would depend on how it feels in my hands, shoots, and how it feels to me when in it's carry holster.

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    I carried a single stack with a couple mags as back up for 28 years but as I get older I get slower and that includes mag changes and can't run or fight worth sheet any more ether and I don't want to try control light skinny pistol any more like my cm9 kahr or tp40 kahr so as I age I'll carry a double stack with 13+1 being my p320c 40 or a 15+1 m&p 4.25 and have a 15+1 p320XC 9mm I'll be putting and optic on later today for when the eyes get worse or I don't care to shoot a 40sw any more ?? Yet I still have a sweet shooting lw commander in 45 I can carry .
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    I live in a free state, but I self-limit to 10 rounds. I live not that far from the Massachusetts border, have an unrestricted MA permit, and cross the border not infrequently. I'd rather not have to worry about crossing over with an illegal mag. I'm comfortable with 10+1 and a spare mag, whether it's 9mm (most of the time) or .380.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Struckat View Post
    I love my double stacks and single stacks, but right now, this is the one.
    Still donít understand why I shoot this one as well as others that I have owned for years. First and second shot at speed, only my 229 357 Sig can match.
    Maybe one day my 228 will catch up?

    Nice I just don't like the handling with wood grips, but they sure are beautiful!
    In my line up is a 325 TR in 45 acp, if I ever find a 327 in 4" I'd probably carry it also.

    For the OP, No I like 45 acp 230 HST's and have settled on a M&P 2.0 45 it's 10 rounds. I do also use the 325, G19 and a couple of J frames (when I make a run to the lumber yard or just want to be light!).

    For me 6-8-10 rounds is fine, I RESENT being TOLD I am only ALLOWED to have any given amount of rounds. Like an 11 round magazine will suddenly turn me into a raving maniac? I am convinced anyone who is going to turn into, or already is, a homicidal maniac or criminal isn't going to be influenced by a real inanimate object. After all it's all in their heads!
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    Wow, lots of 1911 carriers it seems. Unfortunately, this is a "what if" sceanario. It was not intended to advocate for, or open debate about, a 10 round limit. It was simply meant to ask - if your Wonder 9 was not as wonderful (10+1 now) would that result in you reconsidering your carry weapon/caliber.

    Let me address my own question. Yes, I currently carry a P99AS as much as possible. It is 16+1 of 9 (124gr Federal HST) with an 18 round backup magazine. If I were limited to 10 rounds then I would most likely carry one of my 357Sig weapons as my primary backup because I can shoot them as well and the 357Sig round is more capable.
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    ....math....? Seriously?

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    Gun in hand, pull trigger bang. No mas math
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    If I were limited to 10 rounds, they would be the biggest 10 rounds I was confident in.

    Most likely 10mm.

    I carry 9mm for the sake of capacity; low cost is a very pleasant side note.

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    If you look at the 90s I would imagem more compact or silmer gun would come about as if you can only have 10 why have bulker guns again 94 ban and the incresee in ccw being ok then lead to stuff like the glock 26 etc ..

    I would def say me personal would start doing more signle stack gun or if double stack gun larger caliber like 45 or 10mm
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