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How many of you number your magazines?

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Thread: How many of you number your magazines?

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    Mine come numbered in the mail January 2020 , February 2020

    But I then do put numbers on my “clips.”
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    Smile number the mags?

    Quote Originally Posted by forester58 View Post
    A few years ago I purchased an LEO trade-in Sig P220, an old West Germany model and it came with 8 magazines and all were numbered on the bottom in white nail polish or paint.
    I grew to like that system as I could keep track of any finicky mags and fix them or just use them for training mags. I can also write down new spring dates or what not.
    I have continued this practice today. Just finished numbering the 7 mags for the newly acquired PPS.

    Do any of you do this or is it too "ghetto' to mark up your mags? Or maybe your more discreet and put it somewhere it doesn't show?
    I like being able to see it at a glance but, I don't carry any BBQ guns either so maybe that would alter my habit a bit.
    Number 'em? Nah, it's a waste of time...
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    I also apply reflective tape on my mags, allows me to identify my SD mags vs those loaded with ball ammo.
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    I generally have 5 mags for every gun, but I think I have 8 for my G48 because I've used it for formal training. I don't generally mark my mags unless I have problems with reliability. Then I'll mark them with dimples from a sharp nail on the bottom of the mag plate.

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    All my personal mags are numbered. Carry mags and training /range mags are kept separate and used accordingly as well. For work I have not numbered my duty mags, and we use training mags with orange base plates for range use.
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    Yes, I number mine on the base pad. Metal mag's, I use a electo-etching pen I aquired when I was a machinist. Other's get marked with an electric engraving tool.
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    Quote Originally Posted by G-man* View Post
    So far, none of my Glock mags have failed, even the ones from AWB era of the 90’s.
    Do they have the metal sleeve? All of the original mags for my Gen 2 G19 cracked along the back face of the magazine - they were 100% polymer, no metal sleeve.

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    Not numbers, names.
    I name each magazine.

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    I feel so inadequate here. I only have 2-3 mags for each gun and none of them are numbered or initialed. But then the range I use most of the time is never busy and I'm often the only one shooting so no danger of getting mine mixed up with someone else's. I usually set up a small table behind the firing line (outdoor range) and keep my pistol case, ammo and mags on it. I don't do rapid fire exercises where I'm simply dropping the mags on the ground in the quest for more speed. When the gun goes to slide lock I put the empty mag on the table and either pick up a fresh one or refill as needed.
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    I have been numbering my mags (even duty mags) with a silver sharpie for many years. As far as it looking "ghetto" I don't really care!
    Good luck!
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    If I mark a mag it's because I'm having troubles with the gun and want to figure out if it's the mag. If the gun has no problems the mags aren't marked.
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    I do number my mags, as does my wife. (Silver Sharpie)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Psycho41 View Post
    Do they have the metal sleeve? All of the original mags for my Gen 2 G19 cracked along the back face of the magazine - they were 100% polymer, no metal sleeve.
    Yes they do. They are all LE / GOV ONLY mags from 1996.
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    I number and initial all of them. On my 15-22 mags, I make a mark at 10 round, 20 and 25. Different matches only allow you to load so many plus only takes a quick glance to know how many are left or when its full. Had someone pick up a Ruger mag once thinking it was theirs, initials proved otherwise.
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    I label them to avoid confusion (Taurus 92 and Beretta 92 mags look a lot alike and to differentiate between other double stack nines), but maybe numbering them wouldn't be such a dumb idea! Probably a real good idea.

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