How many of you number your magazines?

How many of you number your magazines?

This is a discussion on How many of you number your magazines? within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; A few years ago I purchased an LEO trade-in Sig P220, an old West Germany model and it came with 8 magazines and all were ...

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Thread: How many of you number your magazines?

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    How many of you number your magazines?

    A few years ago I purchased an LEO trade-in Sig P220, an old West Germany model and it came with 8 magazines and all were numbered on the bottom in white nail polish or paint.
    I grew to like that system as I could keep track of any finicky mags and fix them or just use them for training mags. I can also write down new spring dates or what not.
    I have continued this practice today. Just finished numbering the 7 mags for the newly acquired PPS.

    Do any of you do this or is it too "ghetto' to mark up your mags? Or maybe your more discreet and put it somewhere it doesn't show?
    I like being able to see it at a glance but, I don't carry any BBQ guns either so maybe that would alter my habit a bit.

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    I Always number and inital the mags of my competition guns.
    I always keep and label bad mags of SD guns for the purpose of training, but I don't bother to number them. I do sometimes label SD mags with the ammo type.
    I suppose some inexperienced shooters may see numbering as a "ghetto thing", I see it as a mark of experience.
    Also, my competition and SD rifles have paint marker across every screw to alert me when one is backing out.

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    I do things just a little different.

    I delegate 3 magazines for each carry gun. I may have as many as 6 to 10 in reserve that are still in the package, unopened, unused.

    The 3 that are delegated to each gun are used for practice, competition, training, and carry.
    Each month, I will fire all three of the mags with its carry ammo of the gun I am carrying that particular day to proof test them.

    If I did have an issue, that mag would be put aside, reloaded and test fired again. If it was in fact problematic, I would rebuild it, and, if it was beyond repair, discard it and use one of my new, in the package mags.

    So far, none of my Glock mags have failed, even the ones from AWB era of the 90’s.
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    No, have not numbered my mags... I have several mags for guns I carry often, but I only use two at a time which is the one in the gun and one for backup... The other mags remain unused and put away. When I go to the range I only use the same two mags that I carry...

    If a mags starts giving me trouble, I'll make note of it at that time.

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    I mark the base plates of each magazine tested in each pistol so I know which ones are consistent in use with each pistol. Sounds simple enough, but I have 29 different 1911-style pistols so there are a lot of little stamps on the base plates!

    I only have one Sig P229, so the 5 magazines are known to be for that pistol. Each has been tested for reliability.
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    I number all of mine, both to keep track of performance, and to make sure i get them back in matches and classes.

    Sharpie paint markers work pretty well.
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    Thumbs up

    Definitely not "ghetto". When our department began allowing semi-autos as an option many moons ago, it was strongly suggested we number our magazines. I think it was good suggestion. Now retired though, I have strayed from that practice
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    Mine all came prenumbered, .45 ACP, .40 S&W, 10mm, 9mm. Mine either work, get repaired, or go in the metal recycle bin.
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    I have carry mags and training mags (marked with a T) and never the twain shall meet.
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    I know little on the subject so I'll speak at length.

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    All of my magazines are marked, some on the bottom, some on the sides.
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    All of mine are marked in silver permanent marker.
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    A finicky mag is scrape metal. If a little work does not fix it.
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    Yes Taurus really does suck. But in fairness they sure turned it around fast on warranty repair. Time will tell

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    As a retired LEO and firearms instructor absolutely number and initial each and very magizine. Very much needed when shooting a line with several other officers to be able to identify your magazines from someone else’s. If they aren’t marked some we pick up the best looking magazines. Also helps identify issues with certain magazines. I always have a minimum of at least six magazines for each and ever weapon. Initials on the bottom of the magazines for identifying and numbered on the backside.

    “Happy Trails”
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    I'm supposed to have more than one mag?

    I generally don't have more than three mags for any gun. The exception is my Glock 30. For it there are two 10-rounders, one 9-rounder, and a G21 13-rounder for HD duty. Most of them are numbered.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chuck R. View Post
    I number all of mine, both to keep track of performance, and to make sure i get them back in matches and classes.
    ^^^^^ EXACTLY !!

    Stainless mags get marked with my initial and mag number. Glock mags get embossed with a Dremel. I have 2 sets of Blued magazines that are not marked, but so far no one I shoot with has those particular guns so if it is there, it is mine. They should be marked, though in case of magazine malfunction.

    As far as magazine malfunction: Not one of my 5 Ruger magazines for my Mark IV Lite worked properly so they all had to be worked on A LOT. Not one of my 6 magazines for my Browning 1911-22 has exhibited any problems. Still probably should mark them.
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