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This is a discussion on Kent State Gun Girl within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by RScottie When I was working a traveling job, between hotels, gas, food, plane tickets, vehicle rentals, and all the other miscellaneous expenses ...

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Thread: Kent State Gun Girl

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    Quote Originally Posted by RScottie View Post
    When I was working a traveling job, between hotels, gas, food, plane tickets, vehicle rentals, and all the other miscellaneous expenses of life on the road, I was happy if I could keep my weekly expenses below $1000.

    It's not cheap traveling and doing appearances in places where you have no support system such as a home and stocked refrigerator.

    So, I would not say $3595 a month is "good compensation" as it would be barely breaking even if that.
    I said that is the minimum she makes. That was an assumption that every Patreon does the minimum (and I looked up that stats for Patreon, most do more than the minimum. She is also getting money from YouTube and possibly as well from other hosts or people that show her videos.

    The question was not about a salary, but compensation.

    I think a minimum of almost 3600+ a month is a pretty good compensation.

    I was answering a question. She could easily be making 10K a month from Patreons alone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Osprey View Post
    This is her Patreon site:

    Kaitlyn Bennet

    Another one This one is for Liberty Hangout, not sure if she gets money from that.

    I have no problems with her making money. Heck, I have been on a couple of audits my self (and never asked for money BTW). She is a conservative girl trying to spread a message and wants money in return. That is capitalism at its finest!

    One thing for sure is that she does get compensation and also payments from YouTube as well depending on hits and subscribers.

    Just as a minimum, assuming everyone is paying at the lowest tier, 5x719= 3595.00 USD a month. I would say that is good compensation and your 15 minutes of fame
    I donít agree with some of the things she does, like talking crap to someone, then telling them is armed when they stand up to her, but for the money, i donít think that is much money. If I were making that, that would be a huge financial loss for me. The idea that the problem is as simple as her profiting for sending a conservative message is no different from any lobby group. You want to be heard, it costs money. Especially when you donít have the liberal media on your side like David Hogg does. Think he isnít benefiting financially for the crap he says? This is probably why people have heard of them, but with all the ďauditsĒ you talk about in our area, the most well known person to conduct them is the one who has the extensive criminal record.
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    We get the government we deserve.

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