The other Dirty Harry gun...

The other Dirty Harry gun...

This is a discussion on The other Dirty Harry gun... within the General Firearm Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I've been shopping for a big bore rifle for a while, but I stumbled onto the idea of getting a .458 Win Mag a few ...

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Thread: The other Dirty Harry gun...

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    The other Dirty Harry gun...

    The other Dirty Harry gun...-img_20200326_001240.jpg

    The other Dirty Harry gun...-img_20200326_001354.jpg

    The other Dirty Harry gun...-img_20200326_001314.jpg

    The other Dirty Harry gun...-img_20200326_001327.jpg

    I've been shopping for a big bore rifle for a while, but I stumbled onto the idea of getting a .458 Win Mag a few months back. I don't hunt, so the gun will be a range toy, but the idea of a gun I could load up to elephant killing levels immediately appealed to me if just because it's over the top for almost any purpose.

    I was watching a couple on Gunbroker, but one was overpriced for its condition and the other ended up going for more than I was willing to pay.

    I had all but given up and decided to get a .444 Marlin instead when I stumbled onto this gun on another forum for a fair price. I PM'd the owner and it came with 50 pieces of brand new brass, which is about $50 worth, so it immediately became a pretty good deal.

    I sent the money maybe ten days ago and it got to my FFL late last week.

    Right when the buying panic hit.

    The background check took two days instead of twenty minutes, More importantly, I ordered and received bullets but some pants-crapper cleaned out my LGS for rifle primers late last week. They had thousands a couple of weeks back, both magnum and standard - all gone now.

    Once I get some primers, my plan is to start light and load it up to my own personal max. I may put a scope on it due to failing eyesight.

    This will be last range toy for a while, but it promises to be fun. BTW, the serial dates it to 1975, which is amazing to me because it's in beautiful shape for that age. I wish I had aged as well!

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    Of course we need this...

    *** Mild Language and Violence Warning for those with easily twisted knickers. ***

    The music and lighting in this scene is outstanding.
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    Very nice.
    I also am a fan of lage caliber powerful guns.
    Donít care if I need them or not.
    Great find, enjoy
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    Nice score.

    My wife asked me why I bought a .458 Lott. I told her in case I need to shoot an escaped rogue elephant or a 1959 Buick.
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    Very nice!
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    Nice! Brings back memories of my sighting in one of those beasts for a friend of my dad who was going to Africa on safari. I had bruises for a week after that. Those Super Grades are hard to find. I know you'll enjoy it.
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    That's a nice looking rifle, drmordo. Looks like it's in great condition. Congrats on finding it.

    Not being familiar with the caliber, I googled it. (Wikipedia usually has pics of rounds in various calibers, and often in a photo with other caliber rounds, for comparison.)

    .458 Win Mag, third from the right. Good Lord! That thing looks like it could stop a bionic elephant!

    The other Dirty Harry gun...-munit02.jpg
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    Hang on to your retinas!

    Long story short: I had the opportunity to shoot a fine English .458 Mag double barrel rifle belonging to a wealthy guy. It had double triggers. I don't know who thought having double triggers was a good idea--it wasn't. BOO-BOOM! It hurt! I haven't even picked up a box of .458 ammo since.

    Enjoy the heck out of it. With reloading you can set your pain level anywhere you wish.
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    Dirty Harry also had a Auto-Mag in 44 mag in one film.
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    That thing kills at one end and maims at the other.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SatCong View Post
    Dirty Harry also had a Auto-Mag in 44 mag in one film.
    Good luck finding one of them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SFury View Post
    Good luck finding one of them.
    Don't want one or need one.
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    I remember back in the later 60's when I got into firearms reading about the .458 Win Mag. As I recall, it produced a muzzle energy of just over 5,000 ft/lbs. But that was somewhat anemic to another big bore rifle; the .460 Weatherby Magnum. That thing came in at 8,095 ft/lbs of energy. Now if you really want something that is a monstrosity, go for the 4-Bore Double Rifle. The maximum loads fire a 1/4 pound lead bullet, slightly over one inch in diameter at over 30,000 ft/lbs. That's some serious go getter. I have a close up picture of a cape buffalo shot in the shoulder with a 4-bore. Next to the entrance wound is a fresh 4-bore round and next to that round is a .375 H&H round. Looks like mother hen with one of her baby chicks.
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    When I saw the thread title I thought this would be about the .44 Automag.

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