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How the gun sights on my concealed carry evolved with Glow-On

Thread: How the gun sights on my concealed carry evolved with Glow-On

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    gatopardo said:

    Lightbulb How the gun sights on my concealed carry evolved with Glow-On

    The vast majority of firearms sold in the US are fitted with plain iron sights and handguns with plain sights or white dots.

    On this short video, I show how I upgraded my small concealed carry.
    First, the dots were upgraded, but why stop there? Afterward, I applied Glow-On to the whole gun sights, covered the dots and then I trimmed it around to make straight angles.
    That was done for aesthetic purposes I could have left the whole rear gun sights painted whole.
    Glow-On is opaque so that it covers dark surfaces efficiently.

    Thanks for the support.

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    gatopardo said:
    Here is my gun in its original state:

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    gatopardo said:
    The front end gets a dot of Glow-On.
    Compare with the rear side.

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    gatopardo said:
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    gatopardo said:
    Now we fill the small wells on the rear.
    I include a photo with the empty wells to illustrate how the product fills the small voids.

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    gatopardo said:
    Many many years ago, when I was very young.
    I lived in an apartment complex.
    One night I walked out the door at a precise moment when two guys were trying to break into my car.
    I screamed at them hoping they would stop.
    They started walking towards me and one pulled a gun from his waist...
    Bad! Very Bad!!!
    I ran back to my apartment, locked the door.
    They knocked on the door and very calmly asked me to open the door, they just wanted to 'talk to me"
    They pushed a couple of times.

    I didn't own a firearm then.
    I kept the lights off to conceal my movements, dialed 911.
    I had a hammer in my hands.
    The perps walked away, the police caught up with them a few blocks away.

    The very next morning I bought my first firearm.
    Got my carry license.

    Since then, I have used the concealment of darkness several times, all my weapons have Glow-on, I have a family now and we have a plan.
    Now every little bit counts, lamps, cameras, storm doors phones everywhere.
    We have a plan for everything including tornadoes.

    Here is the thing: Criminal minds are not really 'thinking' minds.
    They have a defect, criminals are by defect lazy.
    If they weren't they would have a job, like the rest of us.
    And if they are touched, they don't care about lights fences or anything else.

    They want what they want.
    We just want to stay alive.
    And if to improve my chances I need to put every round in the right place, every bit counts.

    At some point I had several firearms, red dots, tritium, batteries die when you least expect it, tritium goes dark after some years...
    So I started selling Glow-On. A great fallback alternative.

    Purchase - Glow-On
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    gatopardo said:
    An important thing to keep in mind.
    My eyesight is tired already, I have seen so much, my eyes are working overtime already! Lol!
    So if your eyes need extra help, this is a great way to do it.

    You can see how a small lamp got the treatment.
    I'll never lose the lamp in the forest in the middle of the night.

    This next handgun a Colt compact came with black metal competition sights, so no dots
    A few dabs of Glow-On change the whole thing into an efficient hole puncher.

    During the daytime, the Glow is on all the time!
    So if you enter a building your gun sights will be ready to respond back instantly

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    gatopardo said:
    And now a musical break...Lol!

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    gatopardo said:
    Is it easy to apply the glow paint to my gun sights?

    Yes, the product is water based, so no toxic fumes.
    In fact, the application is so simple we made sure there is no need for nozzles or brushes or complicated maneuvers.
    A stick, which we provide is all you need.
    Glow-On is dense, the solids content is very high, and yet it maintains an aquose consistency, so small beads of paint are almost perfectly circular.

    For more info please visit: Glow-On

    The Glow-On dries in about one hour, it cures for 1 to 2 days.
    30-45 minutes into the drying it has a soft putty consistency, at this point in the process, it can be flattened or trimmed.

    Here is a one-minute tutorial.

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    gatopardo said:
    If your eyes, like mine, have been working overtime for too long, this is for you.
    Glow-On allows for a smooth transition into dark environments.
    Consider this, the initial glow of our product is 10 times brighter than tritium.

    Here we have Glow-On Original, in the daytime, it shows a slightly yellowish white color.
    As soon as it enters a shady area you can see the green glow.
    Tritium can't do this.

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    gatopardo said:

    If summer puts limits on your budget, you can save yourself a lot of money if you user Glow-On on your firearms.

    Purchase - Glow-On

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    Our website, secure payment provided by PayPal.
    You don't need a PayPal account, you can pay directly with your credit card.

    Purchase - Glow-On
    Sold by el-gato-pardo
    Ships from and sold by Glow-On Super Phosphorescent.

    Please subscribe to our YouTube Channel:
    More pictures here:

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    gatopardo said:
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    gatopardo said:
    Another great upgrade with liquid Glow-On

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    gatopardo said:
    Glow-On liquid is opaque so it's very visible in daylight.

    We've been having tornados for two consecutive days in the midwest, be safe.
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    gatopardo said:
    This is liquid glow pink.

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