Creating your "fatal funnel" for home defemse

Creating your "fatal funnel" for home defemse

This is a discussion on Creating your "fatal funnel" for home defemse within the Home (And Away From Home) Defense Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Some security and tactical experts who have experience breaching doorways while going after BGs refer to the center of the doorway as the "fatal funnel". ...

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Thread: Creating your "fatal funnel" for home defemse

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    Creating your "fatal funnel" for home defemse

    Some security and tactical experts who have experience breaching doorways while going after BGs refer to the center of the doorway as the "fatal funnel". This is because as you enter for a second or two you are over 80% exposed to everyone or everything in that room. So the goal is to spend the absolute least time in the "funnel". Move in quickly and forcefully scanning the entire room. You hang up in the are toast as is the guy behind you. Conversely, you can use this scenario to your advantage when planning a home invasion defense strategy. Ok so:

    1. If you don't have a home invasion plan one now because if you ever have a home invasion....mere seconds can mean the difference in survival. Your home will be mass chaos if/when this occurs. If everyone in your home doesn't already know what to do and where to go....your danger level goes up by a factor of 10.

    2. Make sure you include all home residents in the practice of your strategy and ultimately your final tactical plan. (fail to plan = plan to fail)

    3. Every home has a vantage point whereby if you are at that physical location point the BG or BGs have to move down a hallway or up a stairwell to get to the home occupants (you). This is your fatal funnel or kill zone. Understand if they get through this zone to "your side" (and your occupants) have a serious problem. So it's in this zone where you want to hang them up and take control.

    4. Go over all of your points of possible entry and designate your funnel. Show your occupants the funnel. Let them know why you are planning and practicing this. Then create your tactical plan to move everyone to your "safe zone" Practice this plan with all family members as a group. You can even make a game out of it.

    Once you have a plan (or two) in are better prepared to defend your home adequately. Hope this helps.

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    Good post. In our house, in case of invasion in the middle of the night, Gramps and I need to be in two different places so we don't shoot each other but each of us has a straight view to potential entry points. Any other time we both need to be armed (we are) so we can take action immediately right where we are.
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    Mine is pretty much built in and convenient. My bedroom is upstairs. Immediate out my door is the top of the stairway. It goes down 8 steps to a landing, where you turn 180 degrees and go down another 8 steps where it lands in the living room. All I have to do is go to the doorway, lay down on my bedroom floor, aim around the corner at the landing and wait for them to go up the first run, So I have cover, they don't and they can't see me till they get to the landing and make the turn. No one else here but the other two bedrooms are up here down the hall so it would be easy to tell any one to just stay put if something happens.
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    The stairway to the second floor in our home is the fatal funnel for any uninvited visitor bent on mayhem. Four dogs will alert us even to footsteps on the front porch.
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    Great advice. My FF is the same as what others have mentioned, unless we have guests staying in our 1st floor bedrooms. Then things get a lot more complicated.

    Thank you for posting. This made be realize I need a more comprehensive plan.

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    That term fatal funnel, I remember first hearing it in the police academy in 1973. It was mainly to make officers aware of the dangers that lurk in an entryway. The theory that only one officer can make it through the door at a time and the accompanying statistics of officers being killed and injured in that position. This wasn't only aimed at otofficers doing hard entries, but all officers. Tactics actually changed.

    I commend any and all members who see using this application as a technique as a tool for home defense. I actually never thought of it that way. Mostly Kudos to Doogie for pointing this out. It has now become an official part of my home defense plan.

    What I keep in consideration though is how this changed police tactics. It seems that the violent home invaders for the most part have also adapted and changed their tactics. My opinion is that criminals have started using police tactics. It used to be that the police only used dynamic entry tactics very rarely as they can be very dangerous to officers and the public as well. Police would mostly use a controlled entry. Lately the police more often use dynamic entries, these tactics are shown on TV. Criminals use them as training films.
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    Yep, fatal funnels are ideal home defense assets. Whenever we buy or rent a new home, that's part of my house hunt.

    Our current one has a concealed upstairs overlook of the front door. Kicking in he door will be difficult due to frame reinforcement but not impossible, likely giving me time to ambush from above. Most home invaders won't initially look up at such an extreme angle, IMO.

    Then there are the staircases which are easily held.

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    From personal experience clearing buildings in Hue City I can confirm that a doorway is exactly as described by the OP. The second danger is the fatal turn, a corner you have to turn to progress the operation. But at least there can get a quick glimpse before making the turn. The worst corner scenario is you turn the corner after seeing no one in view, and then the BG pops out of a doorway shooting. Being in a narrow hallway is similar to being in a doorway.

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    Single-level, open-concept home. Other then door frames, there are no funnels here.

    Next up - taking ten minutes to figure out an OODA Loop.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OldVet View Post
    Single-level, open-concept home. Other then door frames, there are no funnels here.

    Next up - taking ten minutes to figure out an OODA Loop.
    Getting to our home unnoticed is another matter.

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    Along with the concept of the "fatal funnel", it can be beneficial to walk through invading your own home - see what the bad guy sees in order to expose both vulnerabilities and strengths to which you may plan. In so doing a few years ago, I was able to recognize and rectify a vulnerable entry point. Perhaps this might expose something in your situations.

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    All bedrooms on the 2nd floor. I can sit at the top of the stairs with minimal exposure, and have a field of view of the entire bottom of the stairs. This concept is exactly why I won't be "clearing rooms". Insurance covers anything downstairs. It's not worth risking my life over. Police are on the way.

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    The Alarm is Blaring and whoever enters has to cover 40 feet to my bedroom down a hallway,12 GA 00 Buck says they don`t make it.
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    Same on the alarm. Our home has a long hall way that passes 2 bedrooms and an office first then kitchen, family room and to the right the master bedroom. They have to get down that hallway to get to me. They are going to be exposed for longer then they want and not going to like the out come.
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    I have always called them choke points. We live in a multilevel home with many choke points. Choke points can work in either direction.

    We have a two-dog early warning system and an alarm system with motion-detector HD night-vision cameras. My wife and I both carry from the time we get dressed until the guns go on the nightstands when we go to bed. We have other options around the home.
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