When the wind blows...

When the wind blows...

This is a discussion on When the wind blows... within the Home (And Away From Home) Defense Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; We’ve had some storms the last few days. Last night, was awakened twice by our alarm system. The first time was at 2:30AM. I suspected ...

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Thread: When the wind blows...

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    When the wind blows...

    We’ve had some storms the last few days. Last night, was awakened twice by our alarm system. The first time was at 2:30AM. I suspected the winds set off the window sensors, but my wife stayed on the phone with the Security Company (they called) while I checked the house. After making sure there was no intrusion, I checked the central alarm unit which noted a master bedroom sensor set off the alarm. False start from heavy winds.

    An hour later, the alarm went off again. Same deal.

    Didnt get much sleep, but it was a nice check on the alarm system. Surprised myself with how quickly I made it out of bed and ready for “game on.” Ive never had a sensor go off like that from winds shaking the windows. Just shows how sensitive those things are. All in all, a good night.
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    Scottnyc, alarm systems can definitely be wonky, that's for sure. We had our alarm system for almost five years with zero false alarms by the system (won't count the times I set it off by forgetting to disarm). The service company ended up replacing all the hardware this past year. Despite the very windy spring we have had, no further issues. Good to hear you responded quickly.
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    Yesterday was a series thus wave of storms that continued thru the day and overnight. We were surprised to find no trees or branch's there of had not come down. When you have 50Ft plus high Oak trees there is always the potential for property damage.

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    We had very high winds all day Saturday at my house. Continued into Saturday night. That EF 3 tornado was about 90 miles north of my place. I was surprised also there wasn't more limbs in my yard, as it's filled with a lot of large trees. Don't have same type of security system as you, but my house was "creaking" from high winds. Good you had a "practice run" on checking things out.
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    Glad there was no trouble at your place, scottync. A wake-up call like that in the middle of the night can certainly raise one's adrenaline level.
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    Glad to hear it was a false alarm, but those can really get the heart pumping!

    We were without power for almost 3 days. portable generator to keep the heat going, but really start to miss the conveniences after a day or two.
    Getting a hot shower on Saturday after not having one since Tuesday was a God Send!
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    Glad it was nothing scottync , Cause thunder storms & wind set off a lot of commercial buildings alarm. Signal 32 is the code & usually nothing , but got to check em out anyway ; )
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    I'm a bit north of you in VA. That wind was incredible, I went to bed about 11 last night and within an hour I thought my top floor apt was going to whisked away to OZ.

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    Was at the Pickle Festival in Mt. Olive, we only had 47 cars for the show instead of the 150+ we normally have. There were dire predictions of bad weather and the skies looked like there would be a gully washer at any minute. As it turned out we only got about 1/10th inch of rain after the show ended.
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    A couple of weeks ago we had 12+ hours of winds sustained above 50mph, gusts over 80. Downed some trees and power lines. No storm, just straight winds. Blew over several semis on the highway. I stayed indoors. No damages, ran on gen power for several hours.
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