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Close to Being on the News This Evening!

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Thread: Close to Being on the News This Evening!

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    What's an ME?
    Those are my principles, and if you don't like them.....well, I have others.

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    I must be extremely lucky. I am seventy-three. I have been shooting guns since 1952 and carrying off and on since 1963. I spent twenty-two years in the military with tours in Viet Nam. You sir, have posted more dust-ups on this forum than I have had in my entire lifetime.
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    208 That’s a lot of drama

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    Sometimes , just sometimes; ya are given these little hints along the way to allow you time to make adjustments in your life, before it goes to hell in a hand basket.

    My grandmother used to say “ If ya won’t hear it, then you will feel it”.
    " Blessed is that man, who when facing death, thinks only of his front sight.”
    -Jeff Cooper

    “ Looking around doesn’t cost you anything; and it’s a healthy habit”
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    Quote Originally Posted by LimaCharlie View Post
    I must be extremely lucky. I am seventy-three. I have been shooting guns since 1952 and carrying off and on since 1963. I spent twenty-two years in the military with tours in Viet Nam. You sir, have posted more dust-ups on this forum than I have had in my entire lifetime.
    The OP either has horrible luck or there is a common denominator. There are always two sides to every story.
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    Quote Originally Posted by G-man* View Post
    Sometimes , just sometimes; ya are given these little hints along the way to allow you time to make adjustments in your life, before it goes to hell in a hand basket.

    My grandmother used to say “ If ya won’t hear it, then you will feel it”.
    A lot of kind wisdom in these words.

    It's probably a good time for me to do some self-reflection as well. I've always said I'd rather go out with skid marks than slowly fading, but there's no reason to depart this world too early either.
    Ride hard, shoot straight, always speak the truth

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    Close to Being on the News This Evening!
    “The everyday man who holsters a handgun for come-what-may eventualities cannot improve on a .44 Special revolver.” Skeeter Skelton

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    I got nuttin.

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    Deep introspective investigation is needed OP, you are going to come up short at some point, just way too much drama going on around you.

    When it does happen your involvement on this forum is going to be an issue for you in court. It will not be received favorably.
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    Life can be very hard if you make poor life choices!
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    Quote Originally Posted by RedSafety View Post
    Trouble started with a little bike ride with the wife. A guy in a car leaned out the window, wanting a high five. Very friendly. OVERLY friendly. We both got the impression of trouble. Confirmed at the next stop light when he almost made it out the car door! I had the impression he was intending to grab my hand and do something evil the way he insisted on making actual contact. Confirmed again at the next light when I made a last moment right turn. Despite them being in the left lane, the driver cut across traffic and also made the right turn! On a bike I could have easily performed some quick evasive maneuvers, but sadly the trunk mount broke and so I took the trunk off this evening.

    But that's only the beginning! On the way back home I looked and was about to comment I'd be back at Panera in an hour to pick up bread, but suddenly remembered its Sunday, and pickup is at 8, not 9. Soooo, we get back to the apartment, let the wife into the building (she didn't have her keys), and I take off with my cut on the passenger seat of the car. I still have my pistol in the cut as I have no other holster on me as it's now past 8.

    I'm driving home and slow down for someone making a right turn. But I see lights coming up fast behind me, almost hitting me and I take a deep breath, then let it out as she barely makes it into the left lane, avoiding a collision. I just shake my head and thank God for no collision. I've had enough trouble today.

    Oh, but this woman isn't done withe me. She cuts in front of me and slams on her brakes. I get out, wondering what I did. She's screaming at me about her child in the car seat and me stopping in the middle of the street, almost causing her to hit me!!!??? I jump back into the car and hit reverse. Of course I hit someone behind me. Now I'm hunting for my cell phone that I had on the charger and my gun that's in my cut UNDER the box of bread, but also trying to keep my eyes on this lunatic!

    Somehow she finally walks back to her car and I get out and get her license plate number and she comes back at me and takes pics of my car. So what lady! YOU pulled a brake check on me for not running into the turning car! I'm again hunting for gun and phone and keeping my eyes on this lunatic who's screaming and yelling and threatening me, calling me, a Caucasian, a stupid [insert derogatory term for black man]! She's black.

    Finally, she drives off. The passenger in the other car has 911 on the phone yet and it turns out this maniac is yelling at the 911 dispatcher about me at the Kum N Go a half a block ahead. Nope, not going there until a police officer arrives. So I'm talking with these two college students, terrified of this woman, with cars going past. Nope, not moving until police arrive. No place nearby to go except the Kum n Go, but maniac is still there. And I find my phone finally. It popped out of the cup holder and into my seat! LOL!!!!

    Oh, but wild woman isn't done! We're just talking about stuff when she comes back and parks in the center turning lane, still shouting. I get into my vehicle, and so do the two young ladies. I dig under the box of bread, drag out my cut, and put my pistol in my lap, all while trying to keep an eye on this woman. I have 911 on the phone and announce her continued threatening presence. I tell them I'm in fear of life and limb and am armed and prepared to defend myself. She actually takes off and makes a left, where the other car I initially slowed down for made its right turn.

    I inform the dispatcher that I'm headed for the Kum N Go that I can see from where I'm stopped and tell the ladies to follow me. Oh, a nice safe, populated location with plenty of witnesses and security cameras! We go inside, pistol now in my back pocket, covered by my shirt. My mouth is so dry, I get a Squirt, and we wait for the police to arrive. Driver is on the phone to her father. They finally discover I'm armed and they are SOOOOOOOOOO relieved! She's been thinking of getting her conceal carry permit and gun too! I bet she gets it now.

    That woman was so close to the edge where I would have drawn my pistol on her. If she got out of the car and looked like she had any kind of weapon, I'd be on the news this evening. I was scared of her. The two college girls were scared of her. She was totally out of control. They thought she was going to hit me, several times. I thought she was going to hit me several times.

    Normally the gun would be ON my body, either in my new 3Speed holster or in my denim vest. But the first incident and forgetting that today bread pickup was at 8 made me rush and I did not carry properly. Fortunately, the wild woman didn't have a weapon. She was SOOOO close to me having to hold her at gunpoint. She was out of control and dangerous. All three of us were afraid/concerned she was going to get physically violent. Don't really need that right now. Don't need that ever! Tonight was just a nasty night all around, almost a perfect storm, so to speak.
    I have full confidence that probably sooner than later you will indeed be on the news.
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    Is this scenario part of the book that your writing ?
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    I suppose I could put something like this in, but it wouldn't contribute to any of the plots.
    When seconds count, help is only 18+ minutes away!

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