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The LeBaron Family Massacre- Where were the men?

This is a discussion on The LeBaron Family Massacre- Where were the men? within the Home (And Away From Home) Defense Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by Swedishsteel Had the small caravan been escorted by male members of the break-away sect, it is likely that they would have been ...

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Thread: The LeBaron Family Massacre- Where were the men?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swedishsteel View Post
    Had the small caravan been escorted by male members of the break-away sect, it is likely that they would have been killed also. I see it as ludicrous that on the day of the first funeral following the attack, television reports depicted a small cohort of police and Mexican soldiers standing around to provide security. Had the cartel elected to disrupt the funerals the security detail would have been dealt with as a mere inconvenience were it not for a Mexican Marine reaction force staged at a helipad a few miles away and out of view of the news organization cameras.

    Less than a week before the ambush of the LeBaron motorcade 30 well trained, heavily armed, Mexican National Guardsmen attempted to arrest Ovidio Lopez, the son of "El Chapo" Guzman. They were outgunned and out maneuvered by the Sinaloa cartel who effected the meditate release of Lopez. Cartel "soldiers" engaged the government troops with armoured vehicles, automatic weapons, heavy machine guns and RPGs. A principal officer in the attempted arrest, who was part of an elite law enforcement group that provides security to high ranking government officials, was killed by unkown gunmen a few days later when they fired approximately 150 rounds into his vehicle at a strip mall in central Culiacan.

    The US government has stated that the Guzman cartel brought in over $14B in revenue, largely through drug trafficking, during El Chapo's reign. In recent years they have branched out and now make more money through extortion and protection rackets. The LeBaron massacre was part of the marketing plan, in order to send a message to business owners, shopkeepers, professionals, politicians, farmers and rival gangs that there is no safe refuge in Mexico and no person or group that is exempt from paying the cartel for "protection" and "insurance". I suspect cartel revenue will be up for November.
    Then maybe it would have been better to stay home and watch the wedding on the internet than send an unarmed convoy of women and children.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WebleyHunter View Post
    Then maybe it would have been better to stay home and watch the wedding on the internet than send an unarmed convoy of women and children.
    Perhaps. If the sect, or one of its members, had crossed the cartel, however, they would not be safe in their homes either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by airslot View Post
    Very interesting. I wouldn't be surprised that this was a targeted attack on the family. What better way to get someones attention than killing their wives and children. Sends a lasting message.
    Cartels donít go after the same family multiple times for no reason.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ETXhiker View Post
    Here is documentary shot a few years back that explains a lot:

    Indeed it explains a lot.
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    You guys are some sexist MCPs. I've seen some women do some mighty fine shooting. A few extra men in the vehicles would have just added to the casualty list.

    The right question is, "where were the MRAPs and M240's?"
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    We talk about personal defense. Thatís maybe a one time happening at worst for most. Living under blood feud rules is a whole nother matter requiring a different mindset than what many people in the US can understand.
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    CNN interviewed a sister in law of one of the victims. She answers questions about the incident, talks about oppression and at the seventeen minute mark she expresses her view on why the right to keep and bare arms is important.

    Massacring defenseless women and children ? Devils, and it's Americans addiction to an artificial state of mind and easy money fueling these atrocities and corruptions. This thread has discussed what this family down south might have done to cause this mass murder but so far has overlooked the whole reason for the drug trade. Anybody dealing,buying and using these drugs had a hand in this massacre.
    Just my opinion. Change my mind
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