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Loaded weapons in the home

This is a discussion on Loaded weapons in the home within the Home (And Away From Home) Defense Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; The only one I keep loaded is my EDC which stays on my hip or my night stand....

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Thread: Loaded weapons in the home

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    The only one I keep loaded is my EDC which stays on my hip or my night stand.

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    My two carry pistols are always loaded, one on me one in the night stand drawer. My shotgun is also loaded, empty chamber, and stored under my side of the bed. Kids are grown and gone and grew up with my guns in the same condition as now. They were taught gun safety at an early age. My grandchildren do not go in my bedroom. When we leave the house the shotgun goes in the safe and my wife carries the night stand gun.
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    Anyone leave all their weapons loaded at home?
    Just the guns I have in service for home defense or carry are kept loaded here. I see no need to keep the rest of the fleet loaded up.

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    When I was a kid my dad always had loaded guns all around the home. That was also pre-quick access handgun safe days.

    My kids are grown and gone and grand kids are not close by, but I still keep my home defense gun in my FAS1 safe that is bolted to my bed frame. My carry gun stays loaded as well and I do carry around the house. At night it goes in the bottom of the FAS1 safe.

    In the big safe is a loaded 12GA and rifle if needed.

    I never have a concern of who might show up at the house since all loaded guns are always secure. No chance of forgetting about one and being the latest tragedy in the news. It's peace of mind for me and one less thing to worry about.

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    I do not. While everyone should act as any gun is loaded, some do now know to do this.

    When I was a kid,there was a death in our extended family and my aunt inherited a lot of his things. Years went by, and when she finally had to move, my parents were helping her pack and found a shotgun in a dresser drawer that also happened to be loaded. She knew it was in there but never told anyone she had it. She never got it out. This story still gives me the chills.

    I would not want something to happen and thinking about leaving left loaded guns all over the place for others to stumble across.

    Everyone in the house knows my EDC is loaded, and that my stowed firearms should not be. The EDC also stays in a holster.

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    All of my non hunting weapons are loaded and ready to rock. They do all reside in either a nightstand safe or big safe except for my CC pistol which is always on my person.

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    No kids in the home,All Grandchildren are over 25 so there is No Worry as they`ve been raised around weapons and are safe. Handguns are salted around the house and Rifles/Shotgun are placed in strategic positions. ALL are fully loaded and ready!. What good is a gun in a safe when you Need it NOW???.
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    Shotgun in easily-accessible closet, attached to wall with easy-open "clamshell" safety holder. Key in lock while we are at home. Key too high for a child to reach.

    Pistol on person, day and night, except when in bed. Then it's on the nightstand. I'm a deep sleeper, but Jean wakes up for everything, so she's our alarm system. She's also our kid-safety system.

    We have two grandchildren, and they are being taught to be gun-safe. No other kids are around, especially during the night.
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    Sure they are

    As some said, some are.. some aren't. I know which. All loaded weapons are not reachable by anyone but me. All are loaded and chambered. Got a Liberty Gun Safe in the closet which has pretty much what I need including the ready-rifle. Holsters and select weapons for either emergency or daily SD carry are ready to go. Bedside is a custom biometric gun-safe that I have affixed to the bed in the event of home invasion. As the old pun goes, not afraid of a [email protected]#$ thing.

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    My sergeant's one of the wepons safety rules was: if you carrying or accompanying any weapons or ammynition, you should have at least one weapon on you, loaded and ready to be used to defend other weapons from being taken away from you.

    Now that morons (or just evil) politicians write unconstitutional "laws" (for enforcing which they have armed enforces), the following is pure hypothetical, i.e. stated for ideal world (the one without unconstitutional "laws"):

    In any place one has wepons, at least one should be loaded, chambered and holstered (or with safety on). You and your family should be able to easily identify loaded one in case they need to use it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by oldIthink View Post
    Anyone leave all their weapons loaded at home? Rifles, handguns, etc.? Especially those with no children and no possibility of children being in the home.
    I keep all my EDC pistols/revolvers loaded at all times, a total of 6 guns in the rotation. My others are kept hidden away and not loaded. I do not have kids in the home, just grandkids that visit from time to time. When they are around, the only weapon they could possibly SEE is the EDC I am wearing at the time, the rest are out of reach/sight.


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    All weapons not in the safe are loaded with one in the chamber.
    All weapons in the safe are loaded with one in the chamber, except for hunting rifles/shotguns.
    Long guns safety 'on'.
    One handgun of 8 has a safety, and it's 'off'.
    No children in house, none coming. In unlikely event kids should join us at home, weapon(s) not on my person will be placed into safe...loaded.
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    For me to know, and should a bad guy come in, they'll find out.
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    Several pistols and a shotgun are loaded. ARs are not loaded but magazines are loaded and nearby.

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    Everything is loaded, in the safe , out of the safe, in the truck, everywhere. Most have a backup mags loaded in the door of the safe . When grandkids come over, everything is put in safe except what Iím carrying. If my adult kids or strangers come over, every thatís normally out of the safe, out of sight and loaded are still that way!

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