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California does everything it can do to discourage hunting

Thread: California does everything it can do to discourage hunting

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    G26Raven said:

    California does everything it can do to discourage hunting

    When we were still living in California 8 years ago we went to a turkey hunting seminar put on by the Fish and Game department. While there, we met someone from the local Fish and Game commission in Los Angeles County. He remarked how he did not believe there would be any hunting in California in 10 years.

    This morning, my wife (who used to work for DFG in California) sent me this article...

    Lead-Free Hunting Takes Effect Statewide July 1
    MAY 13, 2019
    The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) wants to remind hunters that beginning July 1, 2019, nonlead ammunition will be required when taking wildlife with a firearm anywhere in California.

    CDFW strongly recommends that hunters acquire and practice with nonlead ammunition well before heading afield, particularly in advance of upcoming big game seasons, to make sure rifles are sighted in and to understand how their firearms perform with nonlead ammunition.

    The nonlead ammo requirement includes hunting on public land, private property and licensed game bird clubs, and applies to rifles, shotguns, pistols and muzzleloaders in any gauge or caliber for the take of any legal species. The nonlead ammo requirement extends to the legal take of nongame birds and mammals and includes firearms used for depredation to take species causing property damage.
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    Nmuskier said:
    As a biologist with an ecology emphasis, I find this movement ridiculous. California is also the state that banned target practice (for a period of time) because bullets ricocheting off of rocks could spark wild fires.
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