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First time traveling as LEO out of state

This is a discussion on First time traveling as LEO out of state within the Law Enforcement, Military & Homeland Security Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; if you haven't already gotten your answer, read the LEO Safety Act. Otherwise known as H.R. 218. It will clear up your questions. I work ...

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Thread: First time traveling as LEO out of state

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    if you haven't already gotten your answer, read the LEO Safety Act. Otherwise known as H.R. 218. It will clear up your questions. I work in the northeast and travel through some undesirable states that most are concerned about. Bottom line the act allows active, qualified LEO's to carry concealed under Federal law which supersedes state law (whether the state likes it or not). That technically does not exempt you from parts of the act not covered such as bullets. Crazy as it sounds hollow-point could be a technicality in some states. I personally carry Hornady which is not classified as a hollow point because of the poly center just to avoid this issue in certain states. I can't imagine any LEO enforcing a law to this extent when they are carrying the same; however, if you did something stupid you could be opening yourself up. So basically act like the professional you are, read the act, and the limitations in the states you are traveling in. last bit of advise which should go without stating, but make sure you qualify through your department with your off duty weapon so that there is a record of it in their files. That would be the only weapon I would travel with. Stay safe!
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    My son is a LEO. I always warn him about forgetting his Credentials and encourage him to carry as much as he can for his own sake. States to be concerned about would be NY, NJ, Hawaii, and Ca. If you're coming to the Sig Academy I'm in NH, and I don't think you'll have troubles in other States. just MAKE SURE you have your Credentials (LE ID) with you at ALL TIMES.
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    There is no issue with a LEOSA covered LEO carrying HP ammo. This was addressed back in 2010. I've been a LEO for 18 years here in PA and I frequently travel to NJ and NY for training. HP ammo is a non-issue. Magazine limits are a different story.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kennfd View Post
    There is noting in the Patriot Act about LEOs carrying firearms when out of state.
    What I think he was referring to is the "LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS SAFETY ACT"
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    I live in New England and traveled all over the eastern US and out to TX while off duty and never had any trouble whether flying or driving. The key to problem free travel out of your home state while armed is to behave appropriately and not bring undo attention to yourself. One of the reasons I didn't have any issues was that I didn't have any unintended interactions with the law - I didn't get pulled over, didn't act up in bars, didn't flash my gun or badge around, etc.. When I did need to speak to an on duty LEO I was always professional, polite, and ID'd myself at the first reasonable opportunity.

    Since retiring a couple of years ago the only issue I've had was flying back from Georgia a few weeks ago. Because of weather, flights had been canceled and schedules changed and I ended up have a 10 hour lay over at LaGuardia. That meant I had to pick up my checked bag with my gun inside and recheck it for the next flight instead of it just being transferred from one plane to the next. I've never had a problem checking a bag with a firearm in any airport but at LaGuardia the police are called every time someone declares a firearm. The officer was a bit standoffish initially, he asked what was going on and I explained the flight issue and that I had my gun in a locked case in my luggage and had to declare it and check my bag for my next flight. He asked if I was a police officer, I said retired, showed him my ID, and that was it. He had to wait with me until the booking agent got word from TSA to send my bag through. No one wanted to see the gun, didn't even have me unlock the case, just signed the orange declaration card and put it in the suitcase. My ammo, spare mags, and knives were in a small Pelican case and no one cared about that.

    My advice is, know the rules, be polite and professional, have your credentials readily available.
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