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This probably doesn't justify the use of deadly force...

This is a discussion on This probably doesn't justify the use of deadly force... within the Law Enforcement, Military & Homeland Security Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Originally Posted by OneGunTX In the same web page link above: What has happened to our society with alleged criminals demand police officers be fired ...

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Thread: This probably doesn't justify the use of deadly force...

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    Quote Originally Posted by OneGunTX View Post
    In the same web page link above:

    What has happened to our society with alleged criminals demand police officers be fired for arresting them during the commission of a crime?? Do they really think that they will win the $10 million lawsuit? Time to fix their stupid with prison time at hard labor!
    The situation you cite was a dirtbag with a history of resisting arrest, trying to cash in on a payday by playing the race card. Within a week of him wanting $10M, two other suits were filed relative to Phoenix LE use of force, one for $12.5M and another for $6M. Meanwhile the Phoenix mayor and CoP went on a public apology tour instead of just shutting up and let all the facts, not just cell phone video, be presented.

    Want better odds than a lottery ticket? Commit some arrestable misdemeanor, resist arrest, and let yourself get manhandled by the responding officers. Extra points if you have your baby mama go reaching into her purse after the cops shout "show us your hands."
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    Not a very responsible use of resources in my book.
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    This probably doesn't justify the use of deadly force...-9d2017f9-c5ab-4d9a-8fb5-08bf5fcbb2bb.jpeg

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    Quote Originally Posted by blueronin View Post
    I just hope that this doesn't take us back to what happened with Tylenol.
    Oh, no. Child proof lids on ice cream. I have enough trouble getting to my medication.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OldVet View Post
    Or make them do this:
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    I triple dog dare them!
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    The one where the gal gargles with listerine is fake. The bottle that she picks off the shelf doesn't have the tamper proof plastic around the cap. She puts it on the shelf and walks away and then I'll bet they picked up their bottle and walked away with it. Only bottle that had the black lid on it before and after she gargled. There are laws against product tampering and I wouldn't want to be the one getting charged for doing something like that.
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    It's interesting history that the widespread use of tamper resistant packaging grew out of a mass killing that was never officially solved, the Chicago Tylenol Murders in 1982. Seven people where killed by cyanide-laced Tylenol. We hear all too often about mass shootings, but a mass poisoning is a mere footnote in history. There are lots of ways to kill lots of people besides guns.
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    It probably says something about society when we can deploy cops to guard our ice cream but not our children's school
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    It's a tiny little joke I chuckled and moved on.
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    Hey, my Blue Bell is serious bidness. Deadly force should be an option to thwart serial Blue Bell lickers. What is the world coming to? Only yesterday people were eating Tide Pods. The human race is on a downhill slide.
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    Made the news today on the radio. Guards, locks, etc. Reminds me a bit of the Tylenol poisonings.
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