Making bullets obsolete?

Making bullets obsolete?

This is a discussion on Making bullets obsolete? within the Law Enforcement, Military & Homeland Security Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; Whelp, Forbes tends to think his plan has enough merit to publish this interview. Good luck with that. Rick Smith, The Man Who Plans To ...

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Thread: Making bullets obsolete?

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    Making bullets obsolete?

    Whelp, Forbes tends to think his plan has enough merit to publish this interview. Good luck with that.

    Rick Smith, The Man Who Plans To Make Bullets Obsolete

    Rick Smith is the Chief Executive Officer of Axon Enterprise, a pioneer in less-lethal weapons and a global market leader in law enforcement technology. He notes that the gun is antiquated technology, and it is responsible for tens of thousands of senseless killings every year. Humanity has accepted that killing is an unavoidable fact of life, but Smith argues that it doesn’t need to be this way and that we have the means to make the bullet obsolete in our lifetime.

    Smith founded his company, formerly known as TASER, in 1993 with the mission of “protecting life.” The company has since expanded its focus from the eponymous electroshock weapon to an ecosystem of integrated hardware and software ranging from body-worn cameras used by the majority of major US police departments to a cloud-based evidence management system.

    Smith is also the author of the new book, The End of Killing: How Our Newest Technologies Can Solve Humanity's Oldest Problem. It is a manifesto on how we will be able to protect life without taking life “through technology that redefines public safety and makes our communities stronger, safer, and more connected.”
    I have set a goal that in the next 10 years, we will have non-lethal weapons that outperform police handguns. That is going to be a game-changer because cops are not legally authorized to be an executioner. When they kill someone, it is not because they are out to kill that person. Instead, it is because when they do so, lethal force is the only way to reliably stop a critical threat. However, that will not be the case for much longer. We have a clear line of sight as to how we can outperform lethal force. We believe we will be able to stop someone faster without killing them.
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    If he can develop a product that is at least as effective and has comparable range more power to him.
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    If they can develop "Star Trek" phasers that have multiple non-lethal settings then I'd give up my revolvers and semi-autos. Well, maybe, it'll be more fun to go to a range with something that shoots bullets. Phasers would be easier on the ears too. Tasers just aren't the best way to go and stun devices requires closeness to use.
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    If they make it work, I'm willing to carry it.
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    I see no problem with a system that reliably outperforms projectile weapons, as long as the people have equivalent weapons as affirmed in the 2nd A. Having said that, I'll believe it when I see it. Until then, all i see is someone's grand idea.
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    Yeah! I will believe that when I see it. I wonder what the non lethal super will that can take down a man with a rifle who is 100 yards way.
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    Still waiting to see the product before I make up my mind. Until then I will carry my .45. YMMV

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    Same song, different day. Next.
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    As soon as someone develops something that is more effective and reliable than a bullet, I’ll gladly adopt it. I don’t see it happening anytime soon, though.
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    A good salesman.
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    I'm just waiting for a sonic gun that projects a concentrated brown note at a specified target.
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    That's all fine and good. How are you going to sell it to the people who want to kill you?
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    Bullets actually are pretty poor at stopping people quickly, especially from handguns.

    If he can come up with something better, great. But...I won't be holding by proverbial breath.
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    Tragic for someone to think the modern weapon of choice is antiquated and useless. Especially seeing as humans have been killing each other with all sorts of weapons for all of time. We are violent by our base nature. It's our ability to think that can make us suppress that nature. Suppress, not remove.

    Even should better non-lethal weapons become available, people will still kill others. That cannot change until humans are all dead.
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