Mexico Vacation Anyone???

Mexico Vacation Anyone???

This is a discussion on Mexico Vacation Anyone??? within the Law Enforcement, Military & Homeland Security Discussion forums, part of the Related Topics category; I have attempted in times past to warn folks about the dangers of traveling in Mexico. There is probably another thread running, but I thought ...

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Thread: Mexico Vacation Anyone???

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    Mexico Vacation Anyone???

    I have attempted in times past to warn folks about the dangers of traveling in Mexico. There is probably another thread running, but I thought a link to the Law Enforcement Today website might be informative.
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    Couple of old friends and I were considering a fishing charter in the Los Cabos area (Baja California Sur), an area not known for the types of cartel violence that much of Mexico has come to experience daily. We jointly decided to take our vacations (and our wallets) to better and more secure places.

    Late 1970's through the 1980's I regularly travelled in Mexico without problems. Stay away from the tourist areas and you will find the Mexican people to be genuinely kind and welcoming, hospitality the norm rather than the exception. I sincerely hope that the Mexican people are able to take control of their country back from both the cartels and the historically corrupt government.
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    Playa Del Carmen was one of my favorite vacation spots. Great beaches, a lot to do, sorta European atmosphere. That area used to be safe since the cartels did not interfere with the Yucatan. That has changed the past couple years though and apparently the safe zone that was Cancun, Playa, Cozumel, Tulum, etc is no more. My dad still winters there though.
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    Only if I was driving this little beauty.

    Mexico Vacation Anyone???-m1a2-abrams-battle-tank-07.jpg
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    Just about covers it doesn't it? (This is old - probably solid red now).

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    The last time I was in Mexico was 1969.
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    Unless accompanied by the rest of a rifle platoon I will not enter Mexico. Next.
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    I canít imagine anything worse than having a severe case of explosive diarrhea while you are next in line to have your head cut off and be hung upside down from a bridge
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    My last trip to Mexico was to investigate a series of diving accidents in Cozumel back in the early 90s. I had a good time and the place seemed pretty mellow back then. I don't think I would travel to Mexico today.
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    I can't believe we used to go down there in college and "have a good time". Glad I made it back, but I have 0 desire to go there now.

    We have been having great experiences at Sandals resorts for those looking for nice tropical vacations.
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    Went a lot in the '70s and '80s.
    Will not go back anymore. And not just for the safety issue.
    The Mexican government trying to send their poor to the US so we can take care of them does not deserve my tourist dollars.

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    I might go accompanied by a couple of AC-130 H Gunships from the 16 SOS (my old sister squadron)
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    @tahmail you are indeed correct, the updated map would be all, or close to, all red now. The country keeps devolving into a more and more dangerous place. Yet, the idiots we elect can't seem to grasp the fact a wall to keep the violent degenerates running amok down there is a whole lot better than letting them run wild here. A sad state of affairs indeed.
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    I will never goto Mexico, or Mexico Jr. (aka the People's State of Kalifornia). Both are sub-3rd world countries and do not deserve any of my time or money.
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    safer than chicago! prob 15-20 yrs ago i left my wallet on the bar in cancun by a pirate ship dinner excursion. Later at hotel thought i was pick pocketed. Went to policia station with a manual typewriter on dirt floor to write a police report letter to get home since my birth cert was in my wallet, cancelled credit cards etc... Get back to hotel and have a message from a local who found my wallet and kept it so it was safe, she didnt trust bartenders. She found a receipt for an excursion with my hotel/name and tracked me down! She lived in dirt poor area with steel cage doors. Wouldnt take any reward money, so I crumpled up a hundo after she shut the steel safety cage door and threw it inside and ran for the cab! I was lucky.

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