For Sale 1 package of (8) Books and (3) Thunder Ranch DVD sets

Your most Powerful Weapon How to use your Mind to Stay Safe by Steve Tarani
Left of Bang by Patrick Van Horne & Jason A Riley
Gun Fight an interrogated approach to shooting and fighting in close quarters by Richard Nance
Straight Talk on Armed Defense What the Experts Want You to know Edited by Massad Ayoob
Facing Violence Preparing for the Unexpected Ethically Emotionally Physically Without Going to Prison by Rory Miller
Aftermath Lessons in Self-Defense by Jim Fleming
Strategies and Standards for Defensive Handgun Training by Karl Rehn & John Daub
Defensive living Preserving Your Personal Safety through Awareness Attitude & Armed Action second edition by Ed Lovett & Dave Spaulding
Thunder Ranch DVD Sets Clint Smith
Advanced Handgun Defense Logical Solutions
Logical Solution for Concealed Carry (Two Disc Set)
Logical Solutions for Concealed Carry Logical Solutions for Home Car & Carry (Two Disc Set)

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